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March 4, 2009
Mexico’s narco culture sings praises of drug violence

On Tuesday, joggers discovered the decapitated boides of three men near a bullfighting ring in Tijuana, yet more casualties of Mexico’s rampant drug violence.

While many Mexicans would be revolted by the grisly murders, there is also a popular subculture that celebrates this sort of violence.

Worldfocus correspondent John Larson, producer Bryan Myers and field producer Ivette Feliciano report on “narco” culture. Megan Thompson shot the piece.

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yes it is sad,being a person that lives in a low income area of los angeles,I shake my head and cringe at the trash people listen to.I think dark forces know ,get in there mind, then take there soul….


LoL people that blame the problem to mexico and claim that canada dosen’t have a drug problem, Then look back at history, You will notice that the american main suppliers where the colombian, After the colombian goverment smash the drug lord’s to the ground, Gues who took charge of bussiness??? Yep Mexico, After the powerfull drug lords fall then another country will take care of the drug bussiness, Probroly puerto rico, or cuba or even canada, Lets face it americans need drug in their veins for no reasson. Please stop using drugs as is not cool. Drug’s are for the Weak.


Again; legalize, recreational drugs in Gringostan! It’s just a coping mechanism, as is, alchohol..(legal), drug.


Hi!I was washing the news about the mexico’s drugs”problem”I have a solution that it can help some of the mexico’s problems but I dont know who to talk to.sorry my inglish is not to good.


Re: John Mulholland’s comment

With all due respect, Mr. Mulholland, you are an idiot. This country has long been fighting a war on drugs. If we don’t arm the enemy, who the h*ll are we going to fight? If we don’t keep fighting the war on drugs, the next thing you know, we’ll have a pot-smoking president! Geesh.


Re: Your report on drug violence in TJ and Mexico

Sir: I have worked around Latin America for the aslt 15 years. I was impressed that your report pointed out that the guns and drugs that cause this violence are paid for with money from the U.S. This story is repeated in many countries in Latin America. Only when the U.S. realizes that as long as we provide the richest market in the world for illegal drugs will we make the changes necessary delegalize these drugs, close this market, and, as a consequence, stop the cartels from Bolivia to Mexico to operate.

Thank you,

John Mulholland
Alpharetta, GA


Extremely well done, in-depth reporting.

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