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March 3, 2009
Timeline: Canada in Afghanistan’s war zone


Click to listen: Online radio show on Canada’s role in Afghanistan.

Canadian troops have served alongside Americans and others in Afghanistan for years, with 2,700 currently posted primarily in Kandahar.

The combat Afghanistan represents the most intense fighting Canadian forces have seen in decades, since the country fought in Korea. Since 2001, 111 Canadian soldiers have lost their lives in Afghanistan — a higher casualty rate than other international forces given the size of Canada’s force.

Canada is scheduled to withdraw its combat troops by 2011, a plan supported by about 65 percent of Canadians. The government estimates that the Afghanistan mission could cost $18.1 billion by 2011, or $1500 per Canadian household.

Below, explore a timeline of Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan by scrolling or pressing the play button. Also, click on the “video” icons to view scenes from on the ground.


Photos courtesy of Flickr users under a Creative Commons license. Footage courtesy of Canadian Forces Combat Camera.




NATO is not really involved because Canada is only a part of them


Heather, really now give it a rest, this ia not about fox news or cbc or ctv. Your dilusional view of the peackipper is just that dilussional. google Medak pocket. Please do your self a favour and get educated on our armed forces before you make such lame statements.


Interesting indeed.


Interesting. Perhaps take a look at the webcasts by the Former Canadian Ambassadors to Afghanistan and NATO, as well as the former Vice-Chairman of the CIA National Intelligence Council discuss the future of Afghanistan, here –


It would appear as though we really are not required according to Fox network? Bring our boys home or at least let them do what they are famous for… at least then they get appreciated by those they help.

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