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March 3, 2009
More Mexicans vanish as drug war escalates

Drug violence in Mexico is a problem so severe that news reports of police stations being shot up, officials being intimidated by drug lords, grisly murders often dominate headlines.

There is also the growing problem of people simply vanishing. Known as the “disappeared,” Mexico’s kidnapping victims are often never heard from again — 97 percent of the country’s kidnapping cases go unsolved by police.

Worldfocus correspondent John Larson, producer Bryan Myers and field producers Megan Thompson and Ivette Feliciano report from Tijuana.

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A good detailed report on what’s going on just to our south,but such simular actions are going on in other parts of the world and have been ongoing for some time. It all seems so-much more frightening now the terror is so close to home.


We live as Natives to Ourselves in Habitats of Foreign Relations often in places which seem without much vast conciously corresponding Will or Desire…
yet by being so placed we can still see the common Thread of Humanity in all its Varying Colors all still speaking a Common Human Language
far above the perceived languages of tribal unities heard presently…and we see the potential of an Eternal Brotherhood born from out of the Frescoes Of The Philosophies Of The Ancient Past even unto the times of the Present Dilemmas of Modern Human Mysteries.

God or Nature, in the end, shall surely fall like Sweet Rain upon both foreigners and natives alike…no Raindrop of Awareness differentiating at any time: against unperceived Nuances Of Culture but falling each one impartially everywhere alike upon the Joyous and the Sorrowful so long as Mortal Lives on Earth must last.


This is an important, frightening story. There are obviously a lot of complex issues here. Good job introducing us to all this complexity.


Once again, John Larson does a masterful job of shedding light on a dark subject. Hats off.


Stegan may have a point. But clearly our existing policies are doing nothing good.


Very shocking indeed! In todays time and age this needs more international attention. We in the US do have the ability to put and end to this crime. As the largest Drug consuming country in the world, our illegal use of Drugs is the fuel that drives this fire. Legalizing Drugs in America is a possible solution that in view of our present insolvency becomes a more and more acceptable one. Drug prices will deteriorate and as a result the cartells will simply cease to exist. Proceeds from heavy taxation on such Drugs will finance our school systems and education on the harmfulness of Drug usage. Education is as always the KEY. We need to start discussing solutions outside of the box.

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