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March 2, 2009
Gangsters spill blood and spread fear in Tijuana, Mexico

During the last year, more than 6,000 people have been murdered in Mexico’s drug wars, more than 700 of them in Tijuana alone.

Teodoro Eduardo García Simental, “El Teo,” is a major player in Tijuana’s drug war, a larger-than-life figure who has escaped the law and left gruesome corpses in his wake.

Worldfocus correspondent John Larson, producer Bryan Myers and field producers Megan Thompson and Ivette Feliciano spend five days in Tijuana, where life in El Teo’s reach is surrounded by death.




To proved yourself worthy to get into a durg gang in Chicago you need to kill someone. For the last 30 years the target of chopice have been school children, in this age you do not have to wait for the 6 O’Clock news to report it. You can send a video of the killing to the gang boss as it is happening. It should be no different in any other part of the world. To prove that you are a man kill someone anyone. I wonder how many children have been slaughter in Mexico last year alone? A solution could be like that of Singapore, Death for drug dealers at all levels.


Sica – After taking profit motive away why wouldn’t gangsters move to other profitable crimes like extortion and kidnapping? I have read some accounts they already are so I’m not as confident as you are that legalization would curtail the mayhem.


This war wouldn’t be happening if the US legalizes all drugs and then sells them to the public at low low low prices that the Cartels CANNOT profit anymore. People who do the drugs are given facts about the dangerous effects if they still want to use it then they have to pay for it. Cartels out of business, US government could become the largest exporter of drugs in the planet! the deficit can be paid quickly and it can stop violence…


Yes, what a shame what is happening in Mexico. But, this is not a Mexican war against Drug Cartels, it’s Mexico and US war on Drugs! 90% of all guns used by drug cartels come from the US. The biggest market for marijuana, cocaine, and probably any other type of drugs is the US. Until, the US and Mexico do not work as a team and confront this cancer together this type of violence will continue in Mexico and will spill over into the US. The US is to busy fighting a war in other continent 3,000 miles away from it’s border, and they just think with building a fence will stop this violence? Are you kidding me?


Great Report! The team around John Larson ought to be recommended for doing whats right. stunning to find what sort of life is happening right across the border. Beautiful Country and people terrorized by the international drug cartells. What a shame.

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