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February 26, 2009
Full Show: February 26, 2009

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What becomes of the Person whose every
Day of living seems to become more a Night involving an Archaic Scene and Sense of tragic dying?

The Life: like the Slenderest Thread holding
intact the Subconcious to the Concious…
with that connective Awareness to Life: being now, like a celestial Sword of Damocles with its looming hanging from the heights above and its becoming, upon possible fall to the terrestrial regions below: sharp and deadly…

Yet the very quality of the fragile thoughts themselves require a determinitively
delicate sense of ever increasing accuracy of perception…for reasons hidden within the nature of the tenuously seemingly terrifying meanings inherent in the subtle strength or weakness of that Thread which ever barely holds the Sword in its sometimes annoying twirlings from above…

Evenso: is not this all the true concern there is in holding in due vast scope of perspective:

the pain of ongoing…


comprehended in tension with worked out ongoing Revelations and the Arcane Knowledge that…

Not all that is comprehended by us is ever a complete reflection of The All…
as it entirely appears to be
to our way of thinking in our finite lives…
either From Below or From Above?


the video stream is terrible and stops every few seconds sometimes. why isn’t it as good as news hour video stream?


comment to the report from DEUTSCHE WELLE:

victims of Nazi persecution were not LOST in the Holocaust. a) the Holocaust was not a geographical location outfitted with mazes in which victims were LOST. b) The Holocaust was the worst genocide ever perpetrated in the history of humanity.

In addition, the victims of relatives were not “deceased”, but were murdered. Big difference.

No matter how much contemporary Germany tries to behave honestly and “nobly”, it simply is not able to use the appropriate language of this genocide.

ursula duba

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