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February 25, 2009
Obama calls for new strategies in Pakistan, Afghanistan

In Tuesday’s address to Congress, President Obama announced that the U.S. will forge a new strategy in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

This declaration comes shortly after the deployment of 17,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan and a U.S. Government Accountability Office report (PDF) stating that the 12.3 billion dollars poured into Pakistan has not worked to boost security.

Senior Pakistani and Afghan military and diplomatic officials are in Washington for talks. 

Shuja Nawaz of The Atlantic Council joins Martin Savidge to discuss why his organization recommends more investment in Pakistan and likely developments in Afghanistan and on its borders.




This is a local affair. Taliban seems to be extremeits (Pakistan has a culturally accepted Suria Law) and since the Swat Valley is in a province of it (Nehru came from there and is a Hindu as the officiating class was, although the majority are Moslems); it is an attempt to bring local administration of justice which is needed. It, apparently, is made more necessary now because of the warring parties and civilian casualties happening. Pakistan itself is unstable, also. America can’t resolve that, except by lessing the drone attacks and casualties it brings on in it’s pursuit of
Alkida (Sp?)in the Afghanistan/Pakistan border areas. Two things have to be emphasized
1. The Taliban and the Akaeda Insurgents are not the same and to treat them as the same is a grave error and involes us in a local matter!
2. Afghanistan has had many, both occupiers and wars fighting back invaders; they failed. It is a unruly, mountainous terrrain and has tactics learned and practiced over the centuries which will not be what an American high tech military can combat, without massive boombings, destruction and civilian casualties. Defastation and another Irac won’t help us win any hearts or minds and control or contain the ‘terrorists’.


Interesting. I always hold out for hope.

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