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February 25, 2009
Iran readies for launch of first nuclear power plant

Calling it “one of the most important days” in Iran’s history, the Iranian government today began the final round of testing as it prepares to start up the country’s very first nuclear power plant. The head of Iran’s nuclear program also said today that Iran is continuing to add to its ability to create the enriched uranium needed for nuclear weapons.

Michael Levi, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and expert on nuclear proliferation, joins Martin Savidge to discuss the threat posed by Iran, whether the country’s nuclear ambitions are peaceful and Russia’s involvement with Iran’s nuclear program.

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Boris: many books and documnets say otherwise. Many in washington are demanding invistigations on the subject still.


You just were trying to change the subject of discussion from Iran to Israel. Ok!
For me attack on Liberty was tragic mistake. Israeli air force misidentified the Liberty as Egyptian ship.
You are trying to prove that in time of 1967 war, Israel decided to attack United States, their Closest Allied??!! I don’t know anybody who can buy this Nonsense!!
Both the Israeli and American governments agree that it was the incident.
Israel apologizes and sends condolences to the United States.
In May 1968, Israel paid $ 3,300,000 on behalf of the families of the 34 men killed (not 52men) in the attack. In March 1969 Israel paid a further $3,500,000 in compensation to the men who had been wounded.
In 1988 US warship patrolling in the Persian Gulf has shot down an Iranian passenger airliner after apparently mistaking it for an Iranian jet fighter.
I am sure that was a tragic mistake too. Many tragic mistakes happen during all wars.
You do not answer about Beirut attack by Iran. Your statement that: “Iran did not attack any country in last 100 years” simply is not True!

Boris D.


Boris: According to Time magazine in a report published in 2990, the Israeli’s new about the attack against the Americans, but did not tell them. In fact the magazine said theat Prime Minster Shamir said ” America is a big and a strong country and it can protect itself” so he did not feel that ISrael shoud tell. Liberty was not an accident, it was an intentional act of killing against brave American serivce men. American must hold ISrael responsible for that


To cleverest blogger Sukan Walsh, please, stop cursing, it just show level of your intellect. I just simply have opposite to you opinion:
Only big Iran supporters like you can compare Accident with US military ship Liberty and Premeditate attack on the US embassy.
US paying to Arabs more than 700 billion a year for Oil and nobody knows how much money go to support terrorism all over the World.

In Oct. 1983 Iran by using Hezbollah bomb US marines barrack in Beirut and kill 240 US and 58 French marines!! So, it was not attack!?
Boris D.


Wat is gezien in de plaats waar we zijn is net zo veel gezien van de plaats door een Opposing Hoek, praktische en theoretische …

Zelfs na Taal unrevealed’s diepten die alleen bijna Zichtbaar in de ruimten, de regio’s en de grenzen van een andere ruimte van de ‘geometrische methoden’ waar zelfs de hoeken met betrekking tot Silence geworden van zo veel oog voor deze ‘taal-games’ op de structuur van Life net als de vele andere gebruiksmogelijkheden van Words …


Ποιος ξέρει πόσες μισές αλήθειες βρίσκονται θαμμένες βαθιά στα ερείπια των εδαφών της misspoken αλήθειες που καλύπτονται εδώ και πολύ καιρό, με τις ακαθαρσίες των οριστικών ψευδείς αλήθειες; Αλήθειες νεκρό πριν πεθάνει!

Στο τέλος, ακόμα και πολλές πόλεις έχουν θαφτεί με τον ίδιο τρόπο όπως το πραγματικό κρυφό … αρχαία μνημεία σκέψεις πλήρωση κενών πήλινα πιθάρια που απεικονίζει τέτοια ευαίσθητη και τόσο μεγάλες lifespans


Boris: You consider the attack on the embassy an attack, what when Israel attacked the American ship liberty and killed 67 American service men on June 8th 1967. Or its ok for Israel to kill Americans and take their money and none should ask a question.
See if anybody said what you said about Jews controlling American and the UK, you and many like you Dorn, M. Levy and many more stupid bloggers on this website would have labeled him as anti-Semitic, but when you say it its ok. I think an anti-Semite is some the Jews do not like, not the other way around


To Susan Walsh, you sad: “At least Iran is not occuping anybody” and “Iran did not attack anybody in the last 100 years”
In 1979 Iran attack USA by storming US embassy in Tehran and held 52 US staff in horrible condition more than a year. Hezbollah and Hamas terrorist organizations are controlled and supported by Iran and Syria, they occupied Lebanon and Gaza. In addition Iran occupied Kurdistan. If you are so sure about Iran, you should try to convince US and European governments to change their position on Iran, but it will be not so easy because they are “control by Jews”.
Boris D.


To Klaus: I am glad to admit that real Nazi like you, start to understand that times when they can kill defenseless Jews are gone forever and we are able to defend our self from “poor people” who are trying to kill Jews first.


Boris: to me Israel is more of a threat to world peace than Iran. At least Iran is not occuping anybody and not building settlements on farmers land. Iran did not attack anybody in the last 100 years


What is the true meaning of the Sublime Word of which the Apparent Surface Meaning seems paradoxical to the Spoken Understood Sound
of the Given Language Of Utterance?

What is the parabola, produced by application,
to the hidden fixed straight line on the Graph
of Circumstance to the Fixed Point or points
of the Idea of one or more Word or words
from which an Area of translatable Space
in Time is subconciously implied but with no suggested obvious linearly definitive meaning?

What shall we say are the Graphemics to
the depths of perceivable Understanding
in the intricacies of the Human Mind
by which it may, knowingly, follow the points
of its own finite stages of Conciousness on the
curves of Life’s own multitude of lines?


jews are nazis, they kill poor people.
look what they do? and how they control and brainwash stupid people.


To Kevin Lee:
Following your logic only Muslims can give right analyses about Iran and Middle East and it’s apply to you, too. Kevin Lee it’s not a Muslim name.
I think non Muslim have full rights to express they opinion about Middle East problems.
I am sure that Iran is global threat.
Boris D.


The Necessity of seeing the Revealed Truth…
It prevails when all else fails…

It is only when seeing the Truth shoot forth
like a lightning bolt from the dark orient heavens of ignorance and folly that one
may, at last:
hear from above the thunderings
of New Revelations reverberating across the various landscapes below

…across many of Life’s more flowing scenes…

trickling by in a while…
like more soothing streams spent beside friendlier brooks of bubbling waters:
those emotion-moments with families-in-motion
which calm a little the nerves
that life has so often otherwise
torn asunder into many dangling parts…
like the de-threading of lightning bolts
when those bolts shoot from a sky of clear Mind
awaiting better moments…of more Diplomatically Acute, more Perceptively Global Awarenesses.


Broris: you are wrong on two accounts. First you say that Iran as a nuclear power is a global threat. It is not true, it is a deterrence. Israel, India, Pakistan, and North Korea have nuclear weapons, but Iran does not. To insure that no more stupid wars take place in the region, Iran must have a deterrence. But Mr. Levi came across as if Iran has it or can make it, a view most likely influenced by his ethnicity, but not knowledge. Second Mr. Hanna is not a Muslim, and does not understand the Middle East to be an analyst on the region.


Just recently, Martin Savidge talk with Wahid Hanna about Iraq and Shuja Nawaz about Pakistan, both are Muslim but I don’t care who they are, I care how they describe situation and I agree with their point of view. But, for anti-Semites like Mr. Kevin Lee and Mr. hl subject of interview does not matter, most important is ethnicity of M. Levi.
Nuclear Iran it’s not only Jews problem, it’s problem for all West.
Mr. Kevin Lee to save you emotions, I am suggesting you to switch channels to Al Jezira or BBC.


Is not that what you always say about anyone who criticizes Israel. Anyone who talks about Israeli politics is labeled anti- Semitic. I happen to agree with Mr./s HL remarks that worldfocus relies heavily on Jewish analysts. At the beginning Worldfocus was more diverse in its analysis and covered stories much better, but now Michael Levi on Iran and few days a go Daniel Levy on Israel Palestine. It does not sound right, as if there are no experts in the US on these issues expects the Levi’s!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing


In relation to Worldfocus’ Haiti series I’d like to submit my personal feeling of DEEP ANGER and PROFOUND SHAME …but more than that, with all due respect, I’d like to submit A- not totally new- IDEA: ALL OF US WHO CARE AND WANT TO DO SOMEHITNG ABOUT STOPING HUNGER IN THE WORLD,LET’S ALL GET TOGETHER AND CREATE A ” HUMAN DIGNITY FUND” .. OR any other name -fund, and with the help of WORLDFOCUS and an individual contribution of ” A DOLLAR PER MONTH” let’s HELP THE PEOPLE OF HAITI AND ALL OTHER NATIONS IN THE CARIBBEAN AND LATIN AMERICA .

If we can attract one millon people, then we will have $12 millon dollars/ year dedicated EXCLUSIVELY TO HELP FEED THE POOR PEOPLE IN OUR CONTINENT WHO ARE NOT AS FORTUNATE AS WE ARE..





Your racist remark is despicable. So, BECAUSE he is Jewish he should not make a remark? I wonder how you feel if a Muslim were told he can not be trusted to comment fairly in Israel… well because he is a Muslim …..


Is Mr. Levi the only ‘expert’ on Iran you could find. I would enjoy a non-jewish perspective for a change. How about …an Iranian?

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