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February 20, 2009
Hard-liner Netanyahu to become Israeli prime minister

On Friday, Israeli President Shimon Peres asked the leader of the hard-line Likud Party, Benjamin Netanyahu, to form Israel’s next government and become its prime minister. With the support of other parties, it appears that Netanyahu will be able to do that.

One major issue facing Israel is Iran. The United Nations nuclear agency announced that its inspectors found that Iran has a third more enriched uranium than previously disclosed. Iran now has more than one ton of this uranium, which, officials say, is enough to make a nuclear bomb after further purification. Iran maintains that its nuclear aims are peaceful.

Daniel Levy, the director of the Middle East task force at the New America Foundation, joins Martin Savidge to discuss how Netanyahu’s rise will impact the peace process and Israel-U.S. relations, the kind of government he will be able to put together and how his government might deal with Iran.

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I am sorry worldfocus. What does Mr. Levy know about the Middle East and Israel for you to keep bringing him to the show. The man has very littel info and has no command of the issues. review the show and see what he provided your viewers

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