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February 19, 2009
Haiti’s government must rebuild trust to repair nation

Haitian Prime Minister Michèle Pierre-Louis took office in September, succeeding a former prime minister who was ousted amid riots over the country’s food problem, which is chronicled in the signature video Dirt poor Haitians eat cookies made of mud.

Chosen by Haitian President Rene Preval, Pierre-Louis — the country’s second female prime minister — directed the Foundation Connaissance et Liberté (FOKAL), a non-governmental organization that works for economic empowerment.

But she faces enormous challenges in a country with a history of government instability and pervasive political, economic and social upheaval.

In January, Worldfocus correspondent Benno Schmidt interviewed Pierre-Louis. In this extended interview, she discusses how she and the rest of the government can work to overcome Haitians’ ingrained distrust of political leaders.

For more Worldfocus coverage of Haiti, visit our extended coverage page: Haiti’s Poor.

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I am looking to send my resume to an American construction company who will be going to Haiti to rebuild


I am looking to find out if anyone is hiring truck drivers and or construction people to go over and help and earn a living. If you know where I can go online pleasr e-mail me.


I would like to be able to reach out to the Prime Minister of Haiti Ms. Michele Pierre Louis. I have platform that focuses on financing of Government Projects. If anyone can assist me in contacting her that would be great for the country and its people.

Thank you.


lisez ce link sur Haiti in
Cliquer sur” Presentons HAITI”


O que pode ser dito o que foi muito tempo assim? O mesmo Sol aumenta a estas pessoas mas não parece dar a mesma luz.


Ce qui dit une négation de voix à celui qui parle ?

Est-ce que la Vie n’est pas un miroir à qu’est-ce qui est dans ?


mouin ta rimin leta haiti plus pense a devlope pays a que parle;haiti est tres facil pour resoudre,c est simplement portent le peuple au travail.c,est de creer des bon marche et des grandes ecoles primaire et secondaire et autres merci.creer un compagnie pour sanitation et tous les genres payent pour les poubelles et ensuite.


If “the wisdom of the flesh is death”
which therefore implies that the “body”
of our earthly knowledge is but [in essence] a “corpse” temporarily “animated” while yet remaining susceptible to utter corruption…
then the question may be asked:
What will bring about [into Unified Focus]
the “wisdom of the spirit [which] is life and peace”?
In other words, “if [there is] bitter zeal, and [if] there [are] contentions in [the] heart[s]…
this [will] not [be] wisdom, descending from above: but earthly, sensual…”

What animates the [mortal] body is that Power which gives the body [of any collection of
pre-formed (-created) subconcious
(filtering into concious) knowledge] its Life Force.
But if [aspects of] that Life Force is/becomes fragmented in the assessments of its evaluations of particular forms [or pieces of events] of concious awareness [rather like the pieces of a puzzle being worked into a single unified picture], what will, still:
produce stability within the government of the Self?
Until this can be answered, government instability will remain because of multi-layered levels of differences in Focus through which the Life Force must and can calibrate its Essence.

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