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February 18, 2009
Hurricane mudslides bury Haitian towns

In the Signature Story “Haitians destroy environment in struggle to survive,” Worldfocus special correspondent Benno Schmidt visits Haiti to report on the environmental damage made worse by devastating hurricane seasons. Fatal mud washes down from the mountains to destroy Haitian cities.

Visit a few inhabitants of Gonaives to learn how the mud has interfered with their lives.

For more Worldfocus coverage of Haiti, visit our extended coverage page: Haiti’s Poor.


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[…] Forget for the moment that U.S. policymakers looked the other way during decades of kleptocracy by the Duvalier family in Haiti during the 20th century; or that the Bush administration essentially tricked the elected president of the country, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, out of the country in 2004; and that thereafter, the United States has cared little and thought less about Haitians, whose lives were made even worse last year after the punishing hurricane season. […]

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