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February 17, 2009
Russian real estate goes from boom to bust

The broad economic crisis has turned boom times in Russia’s real estate industry to near bust.

Worldfocus special correspondent Martin Himel travels first to Moscow and then to another city some 80 miles away, where the Russian dream was once alive and well.

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I believe the your Path. My life is On the way. I always looks & meets to every person. My knowled is very heard to some states. My son asked your side I said his simple the funds are always there,but as everything in this planet have a circus of life so as the economy has,part of this that according. and welcome everybody in heart. thanks and I give to you best your works.


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Dear SPyrithoula,
What about the Diverses,how come and in the same time in a country the people starving,the same time the country find funds to spend and start a war and not defencive one, for example,economy is not so simple the funds are always there,but as everything in this planet have a circul of life so as the economy has,part of this that according to Mr Toffler we are in the changes to welcome the 3rd wave ,,,,Dimitrios


It has nothing to do with the movement of planets, chickens or the egg, but rather severe hunger and deprivation.


i believe that the crisis will bring us closer to the true meaning in life and the way from now on we will see and we will evaluate our future moves in business section,for sure the crisis will make a circul and will give opurtunities to a new start and to new investments,the world havent stopped move ,the chicken still give us eggs the cows still give us milk the question is how long this crisis will continue and which people get benefits and which have serious problems through that.
Dimitrios Leftakis
Manager Director
M&L Real Estate Agency Zakynthos island Greece


Well I guess ,when the engine(US economy) slows down the trailers got to stop.We are living in a global economy now ,everybody is affected by the slow down ,so I guess Russia had to go bust.

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