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February 9, 2009
No quick peace in Afghanistan’s long-term war

President Barack Obama is dealing with the expanding war in Afghanistan, violence in neighboring Pakistan and militants on both sides of the Afghan-Pakistan border.

The man overseeing U.S. policy in that part of the world, veteran diplomat Richard Holbrooke, arrived on Monday in Pakistan, the first stop in an extended trip to the region. In a sign of what may lie ahead, Holbrooke said on Sunday that the Afghan war will be tougher than Iraq — much tougher.

Dan Rather, former CBS News anchor and current anchor of “Dan Rather Reports” on HDNet, joins Martin Savidge to discuss his trip to Afghanistan, the effect of the forthcoming American troop surge on casualties, foreign cooperation in Afghanistan and Holbrooke’s short-term mission.

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dan rather all tho i respect,does not understand the culture of the pepole in this area,as a royal marine many years ago and spending and living with the pathans and chitraly pepole i have realized that these pepole can never be defeated
they in time will sort out the taliban and alchida
own their own time frame,this has been an area that has seen warlords and other powers come and go thru history,let us not spend our blood on a problem that will be solved in due course


How many centuries have the people of Afghanistan [those relative descendants of the ancient tribes long scattered across this very vast region] been thinking/doing/speaking/being what they [even now] are [in essence]…in just the same ways as their “inherited customs” [“inner/outer landscapes” of (geometrically) religio-politico-traditional thoughts/languages/deeds] to this day…have largely seen fit to retain within the confines of long experience?

Even if degrees of thinking might be adapted to some Form of Change…
how enduringly will any new ‘impositions’ [upon the old contours of the ancient landscapes] long remain ‘synthetic’ [the meaning of the word ‘synthetic’ (as used here) is implied only
as defined in logic*] enough to permanently alter how those landscapes have [for many centuries past] been shown to be…by their very nature [representationally]?
{*See note below for clarification}

There are many [spiritual/physical] mullah’s
[among their people] who are hard like the stones
[signifying the harsh elements of the landscapes]
strewn across the aged terrain…

Which mullah is least like stone?
Does the Koran [as well as other ‘ancient literature’–as ‘aspects’ of the more ‘moderating elements’ in ‘religio-philosophical thinking’] in any way “soften” them?
If so, to what religio-politico-traditional degree and in what exact ways?

By what midrashic types of thinking might hidden concepts in these issues still be applied to these matters multidimensionally so that this endeavor might play out as a more [potentially] rational drama which may prove [possibly/potentially] to be a little less like what happened to Napoleon in 1812 or to Alexander the Great on the borders of India near the end of his life.
[At least (for now) the possibilities for either scenario remain.]

Even if “factors” of “peace” [{or those “garments” and “turbans”} worn by the mullahs…signifying the temporary bilateral (tangible “garments”): {or bodily possessions}/(intangible “turbans”) {or “headgear” which is, here: representing the “intangible aspect” of mentality or thought processes which are intangible except as “seen” when “worn” or seen in “action”}] abstract tensions of (often) fragmented “truces” which are then brought [temporarily] to the diplomatic regions… who will [necessarily] negotiate all the “factors” of “maintenance”
[military machinery/ordnance] required to keep the landscapes open?
As to the meaning of the word ‘synthetic’
as used in the paragraph above:

“Not true by meaning of component terms alone but by virtue of observation and not resulting in self-contradiction by denial”.

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