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February 5, 2009
U.S. must seek alternate supply routes to Afghanistan

As transportation safety deteriorates in Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan announces plans to close a key NATO base, forcing the U.S. and NATO to find alternate transit routes in this volatile region.

Patricia DeGennaro, a specialist on Afghanistan and South Asia, speaks with Martin Savidge regarding the U.S. supply options and the potential for diplomatic solutions.


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It seems to me that in the spirit of diplomacy, we need to consult with Medvedev and seek his support for the NATO mission in Afghanistan. Trying to close the base at Bishkek only hurts our efforts to control the Taliban and bring stability to a nation under constant turmoil, which Russia knows full well is a very hard thing to accomplish! Our failure to do so might eventually impact other countries bordering Afghanistan, which also border Russia. What we are doing in that part of the world helps Russia as well.

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