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February 4, 2009
Take a walk down Tel Aviv’s most diverse street

Years ago, when the central bus station in Tel Aviv dropped passengers off near Neve Sha’anan Street, shops and markets lined the avenue. But in 1993, a newer bus station opened up away from Neve Sha’anan, relocating the station, business and neighborhood bustle.

Today, the neighborhood has revived with the influx of lower-income immigrant workers. The street’s store fronts now serve the vibrant ethnic communities that have folded into contemporary Israeli society.

Worldfocus producer Yuval Lion’s signature story on the changing face of Israel shows the diverse and transforming culture of the country. Editor Bijan Rezvani cobbled together this collage of sights and sounds.

Take a walk down Neve Sha’anan Street.


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I was born in Israel in 1950. I left for the USA in 1964, and came back to visit in 1973. Watching WorldFocus “Changing Face of Israel, Israel, Ssights & sounds” by Yuval Lion was an eye-opener to the Israel I left behind back in 1964.

WorldFocus is an excellent source of information about what’s is going on around the globe.

Keep-up the good work.

M. Matthews of NYC

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