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February 4, 2009
Obama’s “Buy American” rule provokes trading partners

From Washington to Beijing, from Reykjavik to Moscow, governments everywhere are struggling to devise ways to save millions of jobs being lost as the global recession accelerates.

Jeffrey Garten is a former undersecretary of commerce in the Clinton Administration, a former managing partner at Lehman Brothers and now a professor at Yale University’s School of Management. He joins Martin Savidge to discuss China’s role in global economic recovery, the likelihood of success for stimulus packages around the world and global reactions to “buy American” provisions in President Barack Obama’s proposed stimulus plan.

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The US Government in the past has supported/founded the sourcing of American jobs to China and parts of the world.

Now, the USA don’t produce much of anything except food )stuffs0 products mostly.

US industries can not stay in business due to those past conditions.

The people of the USA should buy “American Made” when they go shopping. That is, if they can find USA Made products that can compete with stuffs from China, which is not the case in 2009.

Write to Congress/President Obama and ask them to support US industries that in need to money.

I wonder why the US Govt./US Congress want to save those failing banks?

Their executive spend money on buying sex on company credit cards (accounts). The US taxpayers are paying for these Sex (whores). Lets put hem behind bars for breaking the Tax codes and laws of the USA.

I urge you to stop these on going by C0-operate America once-and-for-all.

God bless those who help the country by getting rid of those who steal out money from US, the citizens of the USA.

Mr. President, please help to punish those high ends law breakers.

Thank you very much, M. Matthews


Mr. President:

About “Buying American.” The US consumers would like to buy things that are “Made in the USA.” But they don’t have much choice in doing so!

Most consumers goods are made in China and other nations. The US Congress/US Government have exported millions of jobs overseas. They were the one who sold the working-class in the USA.

Mr. President, it’s much to late for buying American at this stage of the game!

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