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February 3, 2009
Anti-Americanism fades and business booms in Nicaragua

At first glance, many Americans might not associate business with Nicaragua at all. After all, that country’s leader, Daniel Ortega, first came to power a generation ago with a militant anti-American message.

But times change, and Nicaragua is now promoting itself as a business-friendly country, and more and more Americans are traveling — or even moving — there. Worldfocus special correspondent Lynn Sherr and producer Megan Thompson were a few that ventured to the Latin American country.

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Senor Ortega has not changed his spots one bit, only put on a Mr. Nice Guy front to regain power. Read of the problems throughout that nation currently, he’s up to the same no good he was before. The general people are hurting, industry and commerce are doing poorly, and his thugs tend to keep the little guy down, and honest people our of office. I’d not invest in that country at all until he is gone, and his aftermath cleaned up. His crroked partner, Senor Aleman, is cut of the same cloth, and they make a frightful pair. I pity the people of that nation. They are a wonderful, gentle, generous people. They’ve been victimised, once more, by the election process, which seated Ortega with only 37& of the vote. No run-offs there, the one with the most votes wins. A bum like Ortega runs against two, three, good men and will get in, because the vote is split. Remember the 1990 elections? He counted on this to get himself back in the palace. It backfired when ALL the opposition got behind Dona Violeta. He rigged ballots, strong armed the people to sway the vote, tried to pervert the vote count, and still lost. He’s tried again every election, never made it, but this time he did. A sad day for Nicaragua. A tyrant in a nice suit, with some sweet words, but up to his same old tricks.


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