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January 30, 2009
Week in review: Davos, George Mitchell and Afghanistan

Gideon Rose, managing editor of Foreign Affairs magazine, joins Martin Savidge to discuss the week’s top stories.

They discuss the economic forum in Davos, George Mitchell’s mission in the Middle East and the situation in Afghanistan.

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I’m very upset that World Focus hasn’t gotten the funding to continue past April 2nd. Immediately after that announcement came PBS Newshour and the fundraising drive. I wanted to give to World Focus, but knew any money pledged at that time would go to my local PBS station, and not to this particular program, which of couse has to be MADE before my channel ten could be able to buy it to air in our area. How can we support funding of this important program? It helps us place the United States as an actor in the world! Barbara Suetholz


To Roberto Antonio Hussein — Israeli cruelty in Gaza … you must be joking!! It is Hamas that came to power in Gaza by armed insurrection and murdered Al Fatah Palestinians by the hundreds, throwing them off tall buildings.

Palestinians must choose: either they stop shelling Israel and try negotiating a peace agreement or they choose war. Hamas chose war, so don’t be surprised that war is what they got.

I am sorry for those Palestinians that do not support Hamas and are caught between a rock and a hard place. They cannot express their opinions in Gaza for fear of being murdered, and they are trapped in a man-made Hell created by Hamas. Conversely, those Palestinians that bought into the culture of death and suicide murders, the culture in which fighters hide behind women and children, the culture in which fighters ARE children, the culture which stores guns and rockets in Hospitals, mosques and schools, the culture in which Hamas buys, makes, and smuggles rockets rather than builds parks and playgrounds, in short those that support Hamas, cannot escape the responsibility that comes with it, nor the consequences.

A final comment — there is NO humanitarian crisis in Gaza. There is no hunger, no cholera, no nothing. Those that seek a humanitarian crisis in the world must look towards Zimbabwe and Darfur. All Palestinian vital statistics, from infant mortality to life expectancy, vastly improved in the ten years after 1967 under Israeli occupation over the ten years before, when they were under (illegal) Jordanian administration.

For a peace plan to the middle east look at


Thanks for your continued coverage of Israel and Gaza. I would very much like to see a multi-part report on the history of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory. Most Americans really know very little about the subject, and we can’t expect to learn much from mainstream sources. Meanwhile, show us the realities of settlement expansion in the West Bank.

Eileen Rence


Great job on your reporting of the recent violence in Gaza, it is refreshing to see reporting that is balanced.


I have only been watching World Focus (WF) within the last two months but I get the impression that WF is biased towards the Palestinians. To be sure the Palestinian people have suffered greatly; but so have the Israelis. How can anyone watching the struggle between the Palestinians and the Israelis say that firing rockets into Israel is going to make the Palestinians safer? Haven’t we (humanity) seen enough suffering for the past several thousands of years to know that war is not the answer to our problems? We may delude ourselves into thinking that the side that wins a war is the righteous side, or that little David fighting Goliath has God on his side; but what about the people that suffer through all that struggle? What about the people that have families going hungry, or the people whose education is disrupted, or the terror of those who are on the edge always afraid of the next rocket hit, or a myriad other problems brought about by war and endless battles? I think the viewers of WF would be better served if the reports are more neutral, without the bias of opinions. Give me the facts and I will make up my own mind about who is right and who is wrong. By all means you can bring experts to tell us their side, as long as they state that what they are saying is just their opinions and not the facts on the ground; and, of course, you can not bring just one expert, you must show two divergent views for every issue.


The truth. Hamas fired thousands of rockets at Israel during the last years. Israelie casualties were kept at the minimum because of a warning system and shelters, however the fear and psychological damage has affected over half a million of Israelies that live in that part of Southern Israel.
In the Davos discussion betwwen Turkeys Prime Minister, Israel’s President, UN Secretary General and Arab League’s Secretary. The firing of thousands of rockets by Hamas against Israel was only pointed out by the President of Israel as a case of self defense. The Iran/Syria delivery of thousands of rockets to Hamas in Gaza and to Hezbollah in Lebanon is the main problem of these wars. Worldfocus should present a balnced reporting on this issue.


Martin and WorldForcus, you guys do a great job in covering the Gaza story. Consider The NewsHour on PBS. Over the last several weeks, there have been hardly any stories or reports on Gaza other than a brief mention during the news portion at the very beginning of the program. If it wasn’t for WF, where would we Americans get a picture and a report of the human catastrophe caused by the Israeli cruelty and attack upon Gazan civilians and their civilian institutions? For us in Salt Lake, without access to BBC World News TV, World Focus is our only source of the news that really matters. Again, good job, everyone at World Focus.


Gidon: the same old, you favors crisis management rather than solution. This time I am very impressed with your musical knowledge rather than the political one. How about a music critic career rather a political analyst

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