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January 26, 2009
Morales victorious as Bolivians approve new consitution

Bolivians line up to vote in the constitutional referendum.

In Latin America, voters in Bolivia have approved a new constitution, and with it, says the leftist president Evo Morales, Bolivians have “begun to reach true equality.”

A centerpiece of the new constitution is increased rights for Bolivia’s 3 million indigenous people, who constitute a majority. The new constitution also calls for redistribution of land and allows President Morales to run for a second five-year term.

As the constitution was drafted, there were violent clashes between supporters and opponents of the government.

“Upside Down World” interviews people in different parts of Bolivia about their thoughts regarding the new constitution.

Blogger “Daniel” in Venezuela argues that the new consitution is doomed to failure because it does not reflect the minority, comparing the effectiveness of other global constitutions.

The “PoliBlog” writes that understanding of the new constitution must be rooted in history, when the majority indigenous population held less power than white elites.

Blogger “Thiago” writes that future months will see political instability as Bolivia works to implement the new constitution.

The “Blog from Bolivia” also foresees conflicts ahead, and argues that the opposition needs to mobilize more effectively in order to become a major national force.

Watch a video of voting in Santa Cruz from YouTube user webdeber:

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Edwin Velásquez under a Creative Commons license.

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