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January 26, 2009
Full Show: January 26, 2009

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Ronitte: Again and again you want the Palestinians to pay for what Germany did to you!!!!! You have a very twisted logic and I am very sorry for that. You want to kill Palestinians so you can avenge against the holocaust. As much as I disagree with you, I believe I understand how you think. It is very sickening to me.
Palestine and Jordan were never one country for the UN to partition them to 90% and 10%, I just do not know where you get your information from.
The UN hardly gives the Palestinians any money, because the UN has no money to pay for any projects and whatever projects the Palestinians have put together, Israel has destroyed all of them.
Listen to you again repeating slogans: the Arabs by weapons instead of building their country. What about Israel? It gets more money from the West than any other country on earth and is still indebt and more than 20% of its population live under poverty line and most of its prime ministers leave office in scandals. A case is point Olmert, he will leave his office soon to go to prison. This tells me a great deal about your values, you do not mind violating the laws of humanity, but you mind when others do.


I could say the same thing about you. You grew up believing that Jews were sneaky and cunning. Therefore, every truth that I am telling you is a lie, because I am “sneaky and cunning”. Furthermore, the logical argument I had was that the land that was divided after the UN was given mostly to the Arabs (90%) and only 10% of that, which is what we now deem Israel, was given to the Jews. So, fair or unfair… that sound Logically to be Unfair. And it’s also a fact that your leaders did not use the money the UN gave them to build up their land, but instead to buy bombs and weapons, which they now use against Israelis, and then claim the Jews stole your land. And, since the Holocaust (a brutal massacre of 6 million people), the Jews have vowed, “Never Again”, and that is why we need the military to defend ourselves from people like you. And lastly, it is also a fact that Jews have been persecuted for thousands of years. That is not a fanciful statement. It’s simply true.

Thank you for your time.


Ronitte: You have not answered any argument with a logical one of yours. All your answers are typical Jewish propaganda In the west, Israel is a democracy, and everybody hates Jews, and Arabs want to kill us and so on and so forth. You failed to answer one point logically or truthfully. I think this has to do with your upbringing and values. Since an early age you were told that people hate you and want to harm you. This led to many psychological problems in you and your culture. As you said your family on your father’s side was forced out and your mother was forced out. You are living a life of mental siege and fear. But, you were never told that Muslims and Arabs protected you all your life. You were told that they have been killing you and that is why its ok to kill them to the extent you are willing to justify the killing of the other as a means to protect yourself.
Remember Israel is the only democracy that occupies another people. But, you grew up considering the Arabs as sub-humans and thus it is ok to kill them and subjugate them to inhuman methods of living. At the end of the day you will lose, because you will raise your children to hate and in turn they will end hating themselves the way your parents raised you.
As for Jews so smart, there is a huge difference between smart and sneaky, foxy, and cunning


Israel has used chemical weapons in Gaza, white phosphorus, on heavily populated civilian areas, which burns the skin to the bone. Doctors have reported people dying with smoke coming out of their bodies. Tissues were sent to be analyzed and documented that phosphorus was found inside.
Israel has also dropped bombs on Gaza coated with depleted uranium, which emits radiation for thousands of years on the soil that will cause cancer and birth defects for future generations.
This has also been documented. TV networks rarely report the extent of Israel’s crimes and violations of international law to the American public. Anyone interested can hear the facts and sources on: by listening to Taking Aim aired on 1/27/09 at 5PM. Also, every American must learn from
The truth must come out for justice and peace to prevail.




And I understand why you were confused about the 10%. The whole land partitioned by the UN including Jordan was 90% given to the Arabs and 10% given to the Jews —> ISRAEL! And, like you said, Israel was then split AGAIN! Half to the Arabs and half to the Jews.

And please don’t insult me with your hypocritical statement that rabbis throw stones. Palestinian kids throw stones. And, Israel is a liberal democracy. Look it up. Jews who live in Syria are treated well! HA!

The world is an IGNORANT PLACE!


Jews were there just as long as Muslims.


Israel has much a right to exist in the Middle East as does any other Arab country. Period.


Ronitte: your premise is “what ever Israel is doing to the Palestinians is justified because the Germans killed the Jews” The counter argument is, if you have a problem with Germany go settle it by any means, but not at the expense of Arab and Palestinian blood.
My sources about the percentage are William Cleveland, Avi Shliam, Benny Morris, and Joel Migdal, all have written books about the region and all are considered authorities on the subject. Since you are a student you get benefit from this.
As for Israel the only democracy in the Middle East, this the one of the cheapest shots that blind Jews are throwing at anyone countering them. Israel is a democracy for Jews only, Christians and Muslims are not at liberty to buy, sell, build, travel, be employed in all the Jobs and so on and so forth. Israel is not a liberal democracy; it is a “rabbinical one”. Rabies can close airports and markets on Saturday, they throw stones on cars, and will never allow building a church in West Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, so please wake up, you have tried but you have failed.
You know the actor Omar Shreef, he is Jewish and is living in Egypt with no problems, he has an Egyptian citizenship and lives a normal life. He can buy a house anywhere he wants, not like Muslims and Christians in Israel. Look at Jews living in Tunisia, Yemen, Morocco, and even Syria, all live much better than Muslims and Christians in Israel.
I feel very sorry for you, because you have been made to believe that the Arabs are after killing you. In fact since 1948, you have been killing Arabs more than anything else. Israel killed more Arabs and Muslims in the last sixty years and blind people like you believe it is the other way around. Ammmmzing. As for Pollard, if one only I would agree. But every year we have a Jewish spy for Israel. The last one was caught last year an 83 years Jewish engineer who worked for a defense company in NJ. Two years a go two from AIPAC were caught spying on America and many more. I do not care if you do not respond, I care that you be courageous enough to face facts and stop hiding behind cheap slogans: the Arabs want to kill us, Israel is a democracy and the Israeli army is not murdering innocent people


Susan, for your information, this website does not let me post links from where you get your information, so I guess we’re out of luck there. YOU didn’t post any sources either, may I add! This does not mean that I don’t have these links, and if you will give me your email address, I will gladly send them to you.

As for my mother, Jews were not allowed to be citizens of Egypt because they were Jewish, even though they’ve lived there for ten generations! So, your information is incorrect about Jews practicing treason against their own country. In addition, not every Jew is Jonothan Pollard, just like not every Christian is the priest that molested children, or every Muslim a bomb-carrying terrorist.

Furthermore, how is the Western world unfair to 1.4 million people when they displace 650,000 other people? 650,000 are MUCH less than 1.4 million, but 650,000 can’t be accommodated? Isn’t that unfair?

Israel is the most liberal democracy in the Middle East but to you, Israel is the murderer. WE gave Arabs citizenship rights; the Arabs did not give that to us. Who’s the hater, now?

My point is this: Arabic leaders simply want the extermination of the Jews and Americans (“originating from monkeys and pigs….”) and so this is not about land, but about hate. Jews have been prosecuted for thousands of years…. In 1492, we were expelled from Spain (this happened on my dad’s side), in 1957, we were expelled from Arabic countries too (mom’s side), and from 1933 – 1945, 6 million of us died in Nazi Germany. Therefore, give me a break with your accusations that Jews kill and hate.

Furthermore, I would like to discontinue arguing online here like this. I’m a busy student and can’t respond to your every statement, no matter how ridiculous I think it is. But, thanks for your time. In other words, you have your story, and I have mine.


Ronitte: Your historical narrative has no scientific foundation. You say that “the Arabs were given 90% of the land and the Jews were given 10%.” I do not know where you got your historical information from; give us one source a book, a news paper, a UN document or so but please do not quote your mother. All the scholarly work on the Middle East state very clearly that when the United Nations Partitioned historic Palestine, it gave the Jews 56% and the Arabs 44%. May I add that the Jewish population of historic Palestine was less than 650,000 and the Arab Christian and Muslim population was more than 1.4 million. So form the beginning the Western world was unfair to the native Arabs. Please get informed before you blog. But It does not surprise me that Jewish textbooks are misleading you to believe that the Arabs refused 90% of the land and they also teach you to hate Arabs and Muslims and to treat them as Sub-humans. Otherwise you will not be accepting their killing as normal and defend it with impunity.

As for your mother leaving Egypt, I never read about an Egyptian official policy to expel any ethnic group from its land, but I know that the Israeli Mossad, Israel’s external intelligence service, was encouraging Egyptian Jews to attack American and British instillation in Egypt between 1956-1959, to encourage the West to attack Nasser. If you need more information about this let your mother tell you about an Israeli Scandal known as the Lavon Affairs. The Lavon Affairs was named after Israel’s defense minister back then who recruited Egyptian Jews to target western installation in Egypt. Lavon was forced to resign because of the affairs and Ben-Gurion returned back as defense minister. Probably after that you mother and many Jews began fearing for the lives because of treason against Egypt. You can not be a citizen of a country and conspire against it, the way many Jews are doing to the US. Jonathan Pollard, an American Jew was caught selling military secret to Israel, and many other Jews in the last 10 years have been caught spying against America in favor of Israel. I look forward to readin


Ms. Susan Walsh,

Israeli soldiers are far from “professional murderers” as you called them.
They are people who are defending their homeland. There was no
occupation. About 90% of the land in the Middle East after the Holocaust
was given to the Arabs, and 10% of that was given to the Jews. The Arabs
were not happy with that. They wanted all of it! In fact, your leaders
make no secret of calling for the extermination of the Jews. Please be
brave enough to respond to that! Secondly, my mother at the age of three
and her parents were kicked out of Egypt in 1957 for being Jewish. Those
refugees are never talked about, because Israel resettled them. My mother
and grandparents moved to France, the United States, and then Israel.
Now, we live in America, a place where no one discriminates against a
person’s religion and skin color. Your culture needs to learn how to do
that as well.

In addition, your nations got money when Israel was established… and instead of cultivating land like Israelis did, your leaders used the money for building tunnels to smuggle weapons. How can anyone respect a country who glorifies death over life?


Ronitte: your criminal army left most of the Palestinians kids orphans. Since 1948, many Palestinians have been growing up with no parents, because you army criminal has been killing most of them. To come a cross with this phony and hypocritical tone that “Palestinian parents teach their kids to kill and then they are to blame” what about Israeli kids who at the age of 18 must become professional murderers, and get only promoted after killing Palestinian civilians(under the cover of military service). Haven’t you asked yourself the question about the reason of all of that (THE OCCUPATION) why are not you brave enough to talk about that? Address the real sin of all (THE OCCUPATION) and then see how the Palestinians would react. The Palestinians should be held to Western standers when they will be treat like Western kids. But you criminal army has been killing them with impunity with western cover. I hope that you hold your army to Western standers by calling for the arrest and the imprisonment of most of those who committed crimes. Just like American soldiers in Abu-Ghareeb. America found the guilty and punished them



This has been bothering me for awhile ever since the conflict in Gaza has died down. Where are the profiles on Israelis after rockets hit their towns? I understand there’s unrest in Gaza (you guys show that every day), but why don’t you show every day Israelis’ lives? Just because Hamas teaches their children that fighting is good…. that doesn’t mean it’s the Israeli’s fault that they play with guns in the first place! It’s that little boy’s terrorist father’s fault, for heaven’s sake!

As a kid, Westerns have learned this tradition, but they’re NOT putting it into practice here: People take responsibility for their own actions. If a kid grows up to learn that playing with guns is okay from his own parents, his own parents and eventually the grown man needs to take responsibility. Blaming Israelis for the Arabs’ misfortunes brought on by themselves is cruel.


Laszlo stop being such a tool.


Hello Martin! I heard you referring to Ukraine and Georgia as ‘former allies’ of moscow, prospective or new members of NATO. I’m not sure if political correctness is a requirement for your vocabulary, or you can’t see that ALL breakaway countries were actually conquered colonies of russia. Even Ukranians, cousins of russians would drown russians in a cup of water if they could, never mind being ‘allies’of any kind!
Please do us former slaves of the russian empire a favour and refer to us as former colonies. Even now there are still many small nations held captive in so-called ‘autonomous’ regions who don’t have the numbers to shake off the yoke. Thanks, and Best Regards, Laszlo.

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