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January 23, 2009
What’s on Obama’s (full) plate?

Barack Obama: Making a list and checking it twice.

Worldfocus anchor Martin Savidge had some down time on the set this week, during which he helpfully compiled a list of all the global challenges facing President Barack Obama.

Have more advice for Obama? Post your video response.

The presidential plate…make that platter.

During some down time on the set this week, I started a list of pressing international issues requiring President Obama’s attention. If I missed something, feel free to add it by posting your comment below. I tried to put them in order of importance, but that is not to say they are in the order in which they must be tackled.

Global economic meltdown – stop, then fix.

Iraq – get the troops out while preventing a return to sectarian violence.

Afghanistan – get more troops in, maintain an anxious NATO commitment, halt a resurgence of the Taliban, rebuild.

Middle East – find a long-lasting solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Iran – keep from becoming a nuclear threat.

Pakistan – prevent from collapsing into chaos. Keep the nukes out of extremist hands.

India – keep from attacking Pakistan.

Russia – it’s no Cold War, but there is definitely a draft…

North Korea – keep from getting more nukes or selling them to anyone else.

China – rising friend/rival.

Darfur – support a solution to end the genocide.

Somalia – stop piracy, stop famine and stop 17 years of lawlessness.

Democratic Republic of Congo – stop the killing — more than 5 million have died.

Zimbabwe – stop the cholera, tell Mugabe it’s time to go.

Global warming – fix.

Mexico – stop the drug violence, prevent civil war.

Venezuela – Keep Chavez in check, but engage.

Cuba – ease travel restrictions, encourage democratic reform, reconsider embargo.

Immigration – come up with a consistent policy.

The Baltics – remember Bosnia, Kosovo? There are rumors of more trouble.

Maldives – stop them from sinking.

Pray nothing else happens.

– Martin Savidge

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Barack Obama under a Creative Commons license.

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any initive weather it be born by obama or other, is subject to american jewish control,we are sheep here in america under superficial regulation from zion/american jews,, the common good of americans is not indifferant or fair anymore, america GIVES 3.4 BILLIAN each year as gift to israel,and even more in transient goods anf stealth favours. WHY ???? the hasidic community in new york city and the foundation created by rabbi habany (now deseased) goes on to promote israel over america by all jews,,,,,


add to that list, Social Security. Have the President to lower the age one can receive Social Security back to 62 NOT 67.


Dear Mr. President Obama,

Here are a few facts that you should know about and, do something to stop it from going on Wall Street/corporate America:

A) “Inside Trading” is going on since the founding of Wall Street! Need ways to stop it ones-and-for-all.

B)Accounting Fraud is a common practice on Wall Street/corporate America! FCC/SEE Commissions need to stop those practices as soon as possible!

C)Sex on the House: Hundreds of millions of dollars is being charged to corporate America by big shot executives, CEO’S and presidents for having sex with (whores)credit cards issued by their companies. They are breaking the law! I urge you to urge Congress to pass laws aganist it.

D) Lets help the working-class more than the Rich and well to do classes in our society in the USA.
More money to help the VIP’s/rich is not the answer to help us to recover during the financial crisis. Please make sure to know where the money is going to and, get a true accounting of the money that the US Government (people’s money) has given/give more in the next few weeks, months/years to come.

Mr. President, you have my respect for trying to make changes as you have promised the American people to do so. You are on the right track to help the USA for a better future for all of its people. God bless you, your loving family and God bless America! I do remain

Very truly yours,

M. Matthews

M. Matthews of NYC


If we are considering differences of “elements” upon a “(full) plate”…
I might think to inquire about what kind of “dining utensils” the President is intending to use for each “course” placed before him [for, surely, all that is mentioned in this article’s list will require more than a singular size rendered into a boundary’s temporal circular limitations according to the mere line circumference of just one (full) plate]?
Will the emphases, then: not need to, surely, be
on the quality of the “precisioning” used… [“precisioning” = bringing “utter clarity” into the “focal processes” of “precision” before (and as) they become of use to various innovative “methods” while bringing these “methods” into “worldfocus”]in
the “methodologies” [like “seasonings” to “flavor” the “dishes”], necessarily, involved…in how to go about, with all due diplomatic intricacies: examining the “seen” as well as the more “subtle” matter(s) which are to be perceived as constituting the “essences” as well as the “appearances” not only of “tastes” [“tastes” = how the outward circumstances “taste” to the “mental palate” which tries matters by their taste] in Truth…but in true “nutrional” Values [“appearances” of subciously transparent images which may arise in the mind just at the moment when “tastes” are able to be pondered by the intuitively “picture sensing” intellect] as they are involved in the process of discerning the differing “flavors” unique to each “dish”?


The president has to reverse his apparent policy not to pursue criminal charges against George Bush, Dick Cheney, et al re torture and rendition. Restoring our credibility internationally is as important as the other issues noted.


The energy issue is one facing us. We need to focus on renewable energy resouces not only to extricate ourselves from foreign oil, but also to begin to shut down the outdated and dangerous nuclear power plants, like the ones in San Onofre, CA. There is no such thing as “safe” nuclear power and there is no “safe” storage method or facility. The entire field of renewable energy will be a source of new and sustainable job creation. SO THE ENERGY ISSUE IS A CHALLENGE FACING PRESIDENT OBAMA AND THE NATION.


Sorry, that was meant to say Knicks, plural


Help the Knick get back to being a winning team?

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