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January 22, 2009
Economic crisis impacts plans for fighting climate change

One of the many challenges facing President Barack Obama is climate change, as the U.S. has been criticized by other nations for its lack of commitment to fighting global warming.

Steven Cohen, the executive director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, joins Martin Savidge to discuss the new administration’s approach to fighting climate change, the impact of the financial crisis on potential action and the U.S. role in encouraging developing nations to reduce their carbon footprint.

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36 inches of snow on the ground, 10 degrees above zero, no wind and dead dark, and a forecast low of 3 below zero. You people on the East Coast really need to come to the middle of the country and see what the world west of the Hudson is like. None of the so-called experts can even tell what is ‘normal’ and what is not ‘normal’, and if you think humans can mess up the weather engine of the Earth, doubt it.

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