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January 21, 2009
Israel completes withdrawal as Gaza rebuilds

Israel officially announced on Wednesday that all of its troops are out of the Palestinian territory of Gaza.

There are still Israeli soldiers and tanks stationed near the border as the two sides attempt to work out a permanent cease-fire. Israel’s conditions reportedly include the release of a soldier captured in 2006 who is still being held by Hamas.┬áIsrael is also demanding the closure of smuggling tunnels on Gaza’s southern border with Egypt, some of which were back in operation on Wednesday despite weeks of bombing.

Martin Indyk, a former U.S. ambassador to Israel during the Clinton administration and the director of the Saban Center for Middle East policy at the Brookings Institution, joins Martin Savidge to speak about the challenges and opportunities facing the new Obama administration in the Middle East.

They discuss what the Obama administration can do in Gaza and how it will approach Hamas and Iran.




worldfocus please show the truth about gaza which no one has so far about how israel is civil and being blamed for hamas issues


World Focus.
Your 1/21/09 report video showing the media reports in the Gaza after the war was informative. Your showed an Arab woman compaining about her 12 year old son who had begun wetting himself as a result of Israeli bombing of Gaza.

I absolutely believe that it’s true. The Jewish teenagers in Sderot Israel, have been bedwetting for 8 years now, as a result of the terror of the rockets raining in from Gaza.


I object to Martin Indyk’s endorsement of a military otion against Iran if Obama fails to get the Iranians to give up their nuclear program. For one thing no one has to date provided any credible evidence that Iran does want to make a bomb. The Israelis and the Bush gang just presumed that’s what the Iranians were and are doing, but we know how far off their intelligence was about Saddam Hussein and the WMD. Second, if if the Iranians were developing a nuclear weapon, it is far better to allow Iran to have it than to start a war whose repercussions would last at least 500 years and initiate a permanent state of war between Iran and the West. Consider all the other countries that have nuclear weapons. Why must the US and Israel go to war over Iran having them? No, there is no military option about Iran and its nuclear program. And people (experts”?) like Martin Indyk are just war mongers for even countenancing the crazy idea.

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