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January 20, 2009
Obama faces challenges south of the border

Following his inauguration on Tuesday, Barack Obama faces many serious global challenges — some of them south of the border.

The retiring Central Intelligence Agency chief said last week the drug violence in Mexico could pose a bigger problem for President Obama than Iraq. Another report by the U.S. military says Mexico is at risk of “sudden collapse.” 

Meanwhile, Cuban President Raul Castro has expressed an interest in working with President Obama — while Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Monday that the new Obama administration already has what he called the “stench” of the Bush administration.

Shannon O’Neil, a specialist on Latin America at the Council on Foreign Relations, joins Martin Savidge to discuss how President Obama might tackle Mexican drug violence and relations with Cuba and Venezuela.

Read more about world reactions to Obama’s inauguration: The world watches as President Obama takes office.

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Yup she’s has no clue, Mexican cartel using Grenada’s, and military grade weapons. We can’t buy those here in the U.S. Maybe there coming out of Mexican Military. Doesn’t Mexico have a corruption problem?


I don’t think any of our recent presidents has payed enough attention on Central America or Cuba.
Our southern border is a highway of anything that wants to happen.


yea yea yea we got it , Chavez evilllll

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