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January 19, 2009
Lasting changes of the war in Gaza

As Israel aims for a full withdrawal from Gaza by the end of Tuesday, Hamas militants still have the ability to fire rockets over the border. 

Daniel Levy, the director of the Middle East Initiative of the New America Foundation, speaks about the lasting changes in the Middle East.




Marcel u have not posted a single fact in all of ur comments since the gaza strip was bombed
you are simply unworthy of a debate


This appeasment of Hamas terrorists and according these killers for allah status while abusing Israel’s right to defend themselves against this Islamic onslaught will boomerang on the world community.
We all know that the moslems do not just want a return to 67′ borders they want to remove this only non-Islamic state from their midst.
The Useless Media cover this up and have us believe that if Israel surrenders more land that we will ahve peace.
The US,EU,UN,NGO’s International media are all guilty of genocide against the Jews and Israel because they cover up the Islamic agenda against non Islamic Israel and aiding Israel’s enemies.
You will all pay a heavy price for your evil against Israel and it’s going to come down from above.
The titular head of the Useless UN Ban Ki-Moon visits Gaza today. I wonder if he will visit East Congo and Kivu soon where the war has been going on for many many years without the outcry we saw against Israel by the hypocrites in the media ,UN,EU,US and NGO’s ?

The BBC’s Thomas Fessy in the Congolese capital Kinshasa says diplomatic and UN sources fear a humanitarian disaster because of a possible lack of military planning and consultation with the international community
Jean-Paul Dietrich, a spokesman for the UN peacekeeping mission in DR Congo, told our correspondent that Rwandan troops had entered North Kivu province near the city of Goma and were heading for the town of Rutshuru.
Some 250,000 people have been displaced since August 2008, when the CNDP rebels led by Gen Laurent Nkunda resumed fighting with the Congolese army.
Before last month’s deal was signed, the UN accused Rwanda and DR Congo of fighting a proxy war in the region – with Rwanda backing Gen Nkunda and DR Congo of working with the FDLR.
Some 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed during the 1994 Rwandan genocide, before Tutsi rebels led by current President Paul Kagame took control of the country.


I wonder what these 2 (privious comments} are smpking that has clouded thier vision so much. Before the sloughter began we did not hear of thousands and thousands of rockets, as good as Israel’s propagand machine is blocking off roads showing ambulances and soldiers on TV.all we saw were one or 2 remnants of rusty broken parts of so called rockets. And for that the ELECTION bound and/or Jail bound leaders of the Israely regime massacred hundreds of children and as it is thier way of life destroyed Palestinian property.Small jewish nation? Or “in conjontion with complete backing of US” a Glaith of Air, Navy and Ground forces rainig down on defensless people who were caged and had no where to run.And that was not enough?
What did they achieve other than proving that they are ruthless and are ready to kill and to have these 2 cheer them on? This has shown the world that another change is coming and no longer it is easy to decieve the world pretending that Israel is the victim while commiting genocide. They do not allow reporters in, then they say you can not trust Hamas, They bomb schools and UN buildings and they say blame Hamas. They tie Palestinian children to the front of thier tanks and claim that they are peaceful poeple.If any media shows just a small portion of thier atrocities,they are called names and are said to be partial. Get your heads out of the sand. Only real peace is the answer.


Dear World Focus,

Tonight’s program (Monday 19 January) illustrated how selective coverage tells less than half the truth. Martin Savidge used Israel’s Channel 10 to tell the tragic and emotive story of a Palestinian doctor whose daughters were killed, apparently by an Israeli shell. There was the briefest mention of an assertion that Israeli forces were fired on from the building.

Martin Savidge talked of the 100’s of civilians killed, whose stories we may never know. The civilian toll is tragic, but ultimately Hamas
is to blame. Since Hamas distorts figures, we may never know the balance of civilian and military casualties.

Its worth remembering that Gazans overwhelmingly voted for Hamas (unlike the West Bank). Gazans knew well Hamas’ goal of destroying Israel and killing all its Jews. They readily celebrated every Israeli civilian casualty in suicide bombs by publicly handing out sweets. The adults in Gaza bear substantial responsibility for electing Hamas and the consequent suffering.

I cannot recall such emotive reportage on the Iraq war, where many more civilian lives were lost in the initial phase (and maybe 100 times more overall). World Focus has never covered the hundreds of civilians reportedly killed in Pakistani military raids in the “tribal areas”,
let alone Turkish raids against the PKK.

Mr. Savidge went onto interview Mr. Levy of the New America Foundation. Mr. Levy claimed that Hamas has become more popular, and that Israel’s image suffered. He did concede that Israel had
reestablished some deterrence.

But Mr. Savidge clearly disapproved. I presume he feels Israel should have sat by as 80 rockets a day hit it from a group whose charter rivals Mein Kampf, and which is sworn to its destruction, even as Israel continued to provide most of the strip’s food, water, and electricity.

Mr. Savidge did a plug for Saudi Arabia, asserting it had offered 1 billion dollars for reconstruction. He also reported that the Saudi
plan was not on the table forever. He plugged the version of this plan for Western eyes – Israeli withdrawal to the 1967 borders in exchange
for peace. This is a distortion – the plan says no peace until the Palestinians satisfy all their demands, which include unfulfillable ones on refugees. Its noteworthy too that previous pledges to the Palestinians from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf have never been fulfilled. Despite their oil wealth, most aid still comes from the West, especially the US and EU.

World Focus has scarcely reported that Israel tried to reduce civilian casualties by dropping leaflets, and through cellphone and text messages. Nor has it reported that Israel kept its own casualties low through sirens and bomb shelters.

World Focus has scarcely reported how most food and other supplies for Gaza are coming from Israel. It never contrast this with the way Egypt kept its Rafah crossing shut for months, and even now, allows only medical supplies – not food. World Focus didn’t ask why Egypt never allowed temporary refuge to Gazan civilians in Egypt, especially from Rafah (Gaza) and its surrounds. This would have required nothing more than opening Rafah.

World Focus has never reported the root of the problem – Hamas and its declared
aim of destroying Israel, irrespective of how many civilians die. The tragedy of the Palestinian cause remains that it was built to negate Israel and not for its own sake. A great many Palestinians still follow Arafat’s dictum “we will drown them in our own blood”, uttered AFTER President Clinton’s Camp David offers.


Ever since Israeli P.M. Sharon’s retreat from Gaza in 2005 ,a restrained Israel had often promised a harsh response to Hamas attacks only to attack empty fields and empty buildings or do nothing at all.
Finally a harsh wake up call to Hamas that payday had come for their years attacks on Israel.
The Palestinians were finally sent the message and the bill for every rocket that was fired at Israel.
If only Israel had responded harshly the first time a kassem was fired at Sderot instead of waiting so long.
Has Hamas gotten the message ?
They are still in the vertical position.

What really stands out for me is how the whole earth is strongly opposed to Israel defeating another Islamic/Arab army as a way of appeasing the Islamic war and propaganda machine.
Only when it comes to Israel does the International Community make sure all wars come to end before there can be a positive outcome.

Israel obeys and follows the new rules as their goal was not even the defeat of Hamas.
This is not permitted as it would gravely offend and anger the Arab/Islamic world.
They can’t stomach another defeat at the hands of the small Jewish nation and the nice peacenuts and fruitcakes of Israel oblige the proud Arabs by not shaming them again with a resounding defeat.
How sweet the Sabra has become.
This stalemate is not good as it only temporairly puts off the inevitable and major conflaguration which is building.
I don’t know how Israel will deal with Iran knowing the world will blame them for everything and once again give the Islamic war machine good media and a pass ?
Only Israel is targeted for war crimes charges never the moslem terrorists.

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