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January 13, 2009
Gaza war shifts balance of power in Middle East

U.S. allies like Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia have come under pressure during the Israeli-Hamas conflict in Gaza. Some in the Arab world, angry at Israel’s military offensive in Gaza, have partly blamed these countries.

Tamara Cofman Wittes, a senior fellow with the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at The Brookings Institution, joins Martin Savidge to discuss the effects of the Gaza war on moderate Arab governments allied with the U.S. and how this will impact American interests in the region as President-elect Barack Obama prepares to take office.

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I am totally shocked by the lack of perspective from the comments above. What most people do not realize is that Iran and Syria are the architects of almost every crisis in the past few years.
Yes, Israel is guilty of illegal settlements in the West Bank- that is as far as I reproach Israeli policy. The Gazans elected Hamas, a terrorist organization dedicated to the destruction of the State Israel (read their charter). Hamas decided to be a puppet of Iran and Syria rather than pursue the national interests of the Palestinian people. If Hamas finds it morally acceptable to hide behind children and women’s skirts to conduct terrorist acts against Israeli citizens it is unavoidable to have civilian casualties on the Palestinian side. U.S. and the Allies destroyed Dresden in Germany to bring an end to World War II, and U.S. soil was not even threatened. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were totally destroyed- people and buildings. The world seems to accept those facts, but when it comes to Israel (the Jews), which is struggling to survive under continuous threats of annihilation, the world has different standards.
Wake up! The real and common serious threat to the West and Israel is Islamic extremists. Iran is constantly brewing a revolution somewhere and destabilizing the balance of power in the Middle East, creating monsters such as Hezbollah and Hamas. Iran is pursuing nuclear ambitions which may lead to a nuclear nightmare with worldwide impact.
Israel is a tiny democratic nation of six million, which has demonstrated incredible contributions to agriculture, science, and the arts. They have only one aspiration: to survive.


100 women, Did they spare the women?
Tell me how would u like your mother to be murdered? Or your sister?
How many women have you murdered your self?
I bet All the women that you love (mom, sister, aunti, wife, daughters.. Etc) wont even make 100 women
we all know that terrorism is a stereo type for muslims and ill tell u one thing
we all know that the bible has been twisted and there are many different versions of the bible, same as the torah “jewish holy book” but the Quran “islam holy book” has not been twisted and its impossible to twist. It is the (living) miracle
so how about you find out more about it?


600 men, 300 kids, 100 women.

Why spare the women? don’t you know they will only breed new terrorists?


Isaiah 41:10-14; 49:25-26; 54:15,17; Jeremiah 30:7-11; 51:19-23; Ezekiel 28:26; Joel 3:1-2,16; Micah 4:11-13; 5:8-9; Zechariah 12:3,9; 14:2-3 say it well.


Marcel: The Islamophobic again teaches us his twisted morality. It is ok for Marcel that Israel has 1700, F-16, and other jet fighters and has 300 Nuclear bombs, and has more than 6000 tanks and more than 600,000 soldiers. It is ok for Marcel that Israel defends an illegal occupation by GENOCIDE. But, Marcel has a huge problem with people defending themselves against and occupation by whatever means they have. Israel’s ultimate objective in this war is to keep killing Palestinian civilians regardless, there are many reports coming from Gaza that Israeli (soldiers =thugs and cowards) are executing civilians. The UN is documenting that. Many people with cell phones and digital cameras are also documenting that. I hope that World Focus does a whole show on violations to international law, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. Marcel, if you thing that the second coming of Jesus is nearing, think again. People like who have a twisted reading of the Christian bible are causing many people to die around the world



Wow, this is just too much to swallow now. I thought Israel couldn’t sink any lower when it killed women and children, unleashed dogs on women and children, and use of chemical weapons on the Palestinians.

But now, bombing the cemetery?

Not only will a lot of nations lose respect for Israel, I think this will be the final straw.

Not only do they like to kill people, they can’t even respect the dead!!!


Most of the weapons smuggled into Hamastan Gaza come from Iran as do the weapons to their other proxy army Hizbollah in Lebanon.
Israel is awakening from it’s peace at all cost stupor after seeing the failure of the international communities’ efforts,the Quartet and it’s failed Road Map and the UN resolution 1701 in South Lebanon which has allowed Hizbollah to rearm and grow stronger and will not make the same mistake with Hamas in Gaza.
Egypt is responsible for all the weapons smuggled into Gaza and it is insane to think that the Turkish army on the border with Egypt and Gaza will change anything.
All the international peace experts can do is deliver more and more failed plans.
There is no peace possible with intolerant Islam as Israel is finally beginning to realize.
Iran and Israel are headed for war and this will lead to a global world war with all the major and minor players involved. Russia,the U.S. ,China,Syria,Lebanon and on and on.
When the dust settles we won’t recognize planet earth but Israel will still be around.
The same cannot be said for Israel’s enemies and Islam now on it’s last breath.
After the religion of hate and intolerance is no more,Arab and Jew will finally live together in real and lasting peace.


[…] Israel is doing the right thing.. U kill our people, we kill yours – Today, 07:12 AM December 18, 2008 Ceasefire between Israel and Hamas breaks down Gaza war shifts balance of power in Middle East […]

Here’s a story about an Israeli arrested for entering/exiting Gaza
Articles about Palestinians fishing with foreigners. A Italian was shot with stun-gun by Israeli Navy…

And a good place for Marcel-


Doron: Back to your ill informed style of pretending to know and in fact you do not know. As for Camp David, Barak never offered Arafat anything. Just read Gliad Shar, Yossi Bellin Books and you will see that the Barak Narrative has no standing what so ever, and it was just a flat lie. Also you can read Robert Malli’s piece on the subject which he published in the New York Review of Books in 2003, and finally you can read Debora Sontag piece in the York Times about the issue (I will not give you dates so you can go and do some research to learn facts not fictions for once in your lifetime). All have agreed that the Palestinians did not have an offer from Barak to reject. President Clinton had to lie about the story because his wife was running for a senate seat in New York (A Jewish State by all means). The Mayor is a Jew the Governor was a Jew until he disgraced himself in a prostitution ring and the senator, Schumar is a Jew, and more than 50% of its US Congressmen are Jews. As a result Clintons had to lie about Camp David. Remember when Hillary was a first lady, she called for the creation of a Palestinian state, in 1998, and then all the sudden in 2000 she became against her own declaration. Let me remind you also that Arafat and Barak met in Barak’s house after they both came from Camp David in Kuchave Ya’eer a suburb of Tel Aviv ( I am sure all these fact do no mean anything to you) and both promised to continue the peace process. Then your friend Sharon went to Al Aksa Mosque with more than 1700 heavily armed Israeli (thugs) and the Intifada began. Imagine Arafat storming temple mount with 1700 Palestinian soldiers, the whole world would have exploded, but for you Arafat is still the issues and the lies of Barak are more important than all the facts. Peace will come to that region when
1- Israel ends her occupation of all Palestinian land
2- Settlers leave the West Bank, and East Jerusalem, more than half million settlers are living on an illegally occupied territory
3- Settlers begin to teach their kids that they are not in the wild west and must behave according to human law, not the Israeli one. The Israeli one does not punish Jews when they kill Arabs, it rewards them for that. Many stories of Jews killing Arabs and the killers are enjoying a free live.
4- Rabbis teach tolerance and acceptance and respect of the other in your temples, not to continue to say that Arabs are snakes, dirt, cockroaches, and must all be killed (Ovada Youssef for one and Moshe Livinger, and Alder who allowed the killing of Rabin) all of them are indoctrinated in the teaching of Rabbi Zeev cook, one of the biggest bigots in the 20th centuary
5- Israel’s willingness to respect and accept international law and abide by it.
6- The culture of superiority must end from you curriculums and must treat Christians and Muslims as equals

Everyone knows that Israel is not a true democracy, it’s a rabbinical state, but because of the Holocaust the West allows you great flexibility to lie and kill others. But this will come to an end very soon. People around the glob are united to defeat the new Fascism of your state. I have never seen cowards asking for more time to kill civilians with F-16s and a blind West turning the other way around.


Exactly that Balkan. Israel controls all borders through checkpoints. It was also through Oslo that the Palestinians can fish so many meters into waters. Although, the Palestinians fish within the required meters of waters, the Israelis still shoot at their boats, sometimes shooting the Palestinians. Other times, the Israelis damage the boats, as well as impound the boats.

It boils down to this, the Israelis can destroy all the tunnels, attempt to get the weapons out of Gaza, it still will not stop them.

This prison camp the Palestinians are in is no different from any prison in the U.S.

With nothing but time on their hands, believe me, they will find a way to make other weapons.

Here in the prisons in the U.S., inmates make knives from aluminum foil that is sharp as any kitchen/hunting knife. They make weapons from magazines, tupperware cups/containers, toothbrushes (in some prisons they can only give the inmates the brush part of the toothbrush) they get very creative with all the time on their hands.

And as far as a country, no, they have no country, no identity, if they CAN get a passport, it can only be listed as Israel for their country.

Israel is going to cause more problems than it’s worth. Americans have already taken alot of slack for this. Most of the Islamic Clerics/Sheiks stress that how can we be trusted when we are 100% supportive of Israel.


Dear World Focus,

Martin Savidge put his own words into Ms. Coffman-Wittes’ mouth tonight: the Gaza
conflict is weakening “moderate” Arab leaders, and reducing US credibility. Ms.
Coffman-Wittes emphasized the need for more US involvement in Arab-Israeli peace, for
supporting democratic reform in Arab states. She ended with that permanent platitude
“time is short”. Pundits have been proffering this for decades. There is no time left,
the US must rush in, or all will be lost. First thing on the plate must be major Israeli

When will you learn from President Clinton’s experience? He lavished more attention on
Yasser Arafat than any other foreign leader. He squeezed major concessions out of Israel.
The net effect was Arafat rejected them and started a new war. As Arafat said, shortly
after rejecting Camp David, “we will drown them in ouwn blood”. President Obama may waste
just as much time on President Abbas – only to find that he is moderate in image only. He
has stuck to every hardline Arafat position.

Then there is the myth about the US promoting democratic reform. For what purpose? To get
Hamas’ brother organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood elected in Egypt? The US should
maintain its distance, and not spend all its time on the Middle East. The Far East is the
future, and people there work hard, look forward, and don’t spend all their time sticking
to backward looking conflict.

The one step that might help is to encourage Arab governments to slowly lessen the
incitement in their media, and the indoctrination in their schools. It is this, combined
with the growth of media like the internet, that has facilitated so much violence.


As long as Israel is willing to surrender more land for an unworkable Palestinian state the so called moderate Arab nations hold their nose and play the game of peace with Israel.
Once Israel ends her capitulation and appeasment for no peace the so called moderates will revert back to their old form.
The rules of this game are written for Israel to lose.
There is no way Israel can survive in this neighborhood with what Israeli statesman Abba Eban called Auaswits borders.


Yes, there are three country who work closly with the United States of Amercia, and who are urging for peace between Palentine and Iseral, But explain what is the meaning of an existing country who is know as a third world country being attacted by Iseral who we all know to be wealthy and is support by first world country. Why are there borders blocking ever part of Palitine ( I would understand if it is only Iseral) Why is it hard to import food and medical supplies to Palitine. Doesn’t state on the map that Palitine is it own country with their own choosen country, so is it there own responsiblity for making there own decisions on what need to be imorted and exported into their OWN country…. WHY DOES ISERAL have responsiblies to import, export and block good from coming into Palestine. Why is Palestiane fisherman only allowed to 1.5 km to sea andy further they are attacted… Did you know that the meditrannian sea is in title to all. So there for Palestine is not a country on it own backing up many support facts. It is Basically a prison for the Iseral people. Palestine want to be an indepandent country who can run on it own and make their decisions in everthing and what Iseral has done just that for over 55 years now. With this sisutation on hand their will be no peace between the two conflicting counties. Don’t tell me that HAMAS, HIZBALLAH and Iran are group that want to change the political group in the middle east. All they are doing is protecting there allies is that what you claim in 2001,03 and 05. Palestine will be an Indepdant country and they will fight for their RIGHT and FREEDOM that we claim to have in North Amercian. We Support people who fight for their RIGHT and Freedom and do support a country who is trying to take it away from another and that is the same thing you and all of us should be doing.

2010—- contracted 2003

1980’s treat was signed (0nly 3 country didn’t sign it)
those coutries will be used as the source or suppliers
it all their in front of you

how could there be peace!

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