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January 12, 2009
Vietnamese embrace the U.S. decades after war

Vietnam played a critical role in the American experience two generations ago, when 57,000 American troops were killed during the war that raged there in the 1960s and ’70s.

In the years since, Vietnam has undergone radical changes, as have attitudes among many of its 86 million people toward the United States. In part one of a four-part series, Worldfocus special correspondent Mark Litke and producer Ara Ayer examine how the Vietnamese see the United States all these years later.

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A continuation great stuff. Dad


Mark, it’s great seeing you back doing quality, in-depth reporting. Next time you’re in North Carolina, drop by my place in Pinehurst for a plate of southern-style Pad Thai, and a bottle of Singha.


I just love the story about Vietnam that you have put on the World focus.
It is never enough of that kind of stories. Please do more on that kind of stories on every country that we American involved into.
Thank you very much


This is a very good piece of news; very positive news.
I wish we had more of this kind of news reported on TV and newspapers, rather than the bleak and negative reports that we get from mainstream media.

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