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January 12, 2009
Obama discusses drug war with Mexican president

U.S. President-elect Barack Obama met with Mexican President Felipe Calderón on Monday to discuss the war on drugs, immigration and trade in his first meeting with a foreign leader since the U.S. election.

Mexican drug trafficking organizations represent the “greatest organized crime threat” to the United States, according to a recent government report [PDF], and drug-related violence — which has already reached unprecedented levels — is expected to increase in the coming year.

Carol Wise, an associate Professor of international relations at the University of Southern California, joins Martin Savidge to discuss how the abductions and killings in Mexico have seeped across the border into the U.S. and how the incoming Obama administration can work to combat the escalating violence.

See more coverage of the Mexican drug wars, including video interviews and blogs.

Below, read what bloggers are saying about the Obama-Calderón meeting.

The “Security in Latin America” blog writes that the meeting between Obama and Calderón will be all talk and no action.

Worldfocus contributing blogger Greg Weeks argues that details are less important than the tone of the meeting, which he hopes reflects urgency.

The “Pura Vida” blog writes that Mexico should be Obama’s number one security concern, even eclipsing Iraq or Afghanistan.

A blogger at “Mex Files” claims that no one in the Obama administration is interested in or committed to Latin American affairs.

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The only way to is to close the border. We need to guard our borders like countries in the Middle East – armed guards along with a border fence.

Americans need to stop using drugs. As long as there is an appetite for drugs, we will have this problem.

As far as money given to Mexico to help with fighting drugs – NO. We have been giving money to Mexico for years, it hasn’t helped.

Another idea would be, since Laredo Mexico is a border town to Texas – maybe the U.S. government could pay Mexico to put the U.S. drug addicts there.

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