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January 12, 2009
Israel ponders “phase three” in Gaza war

As the war in Gaza has progressed, Israel’s military strategy has moved from an air campaign in the early days of this conflict to a ground offensive — and now, to deeper penetration into densely populated urban areas like Gaza City.

Anthony Cordesman, an expert on the Middle East, terrorism and defense policy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, joins Martin Savidge to discuss Israel’s consideration of a “phase three” in its war against Hamas and the smuggling of weapons into Gaza from Egypt. 

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as the current pope once said islam is evil obviously oh and a muslim website would be much more biased then a jewish website and chances are the editors of an islamic website live in gaza and launch rockets into israel


Elki the islamophobic,
i have aleady read my history more than you have
and trust me my sources dont come from youtube,
u actualy believe youtube?
1st. Its a jewish company
2nd. Anyone can upload a video whether its fiction or not
i just cant belive u trust youtube, r u a child or something?
At least go to a muslim website that cant be edited by anyone if u want to know the truth



You asked for proof that Islamists are good.

Here is a youtube depicting Hamas goodness to Moslem people. How would you judge treatment of Jews.

The link below shows Hamas executing Fatah in Nazi style (if I say so) execution:

Was Mumbai all about love and understanding, or was it the work of Islamic barbarians?

Read “Because They Hate”, a survivor of Islamic terror warns Anerica. by Brigitte Gabriel.
Read your history.



So, you think quantity uneducated masses just have it all as opposed quality educated people? So what are schools all about?

See what the Board of Education in Gaza is promoting.

You should see the love Hamas showers on its people at this Gaza wedding:

sEe the information that is on the ground today


Marcel and elki: Islam is the second largest religion in the world, there are 1.8 billion muslims all over the world which makes more than 20% of the world population, are u insane enough to think that 1.8 billion people are liars and you are the only ones speaking the truth about our own religion? U are trying to wash peoples brains


Warning! Dont read Marcels comments, he is a sad lunatic who sits in the cornor and makes these up,he gets his ideas from his behind and his information is 100% lies and ask me because im a muslim, he is not
dont believe a single word he says about islam,
marcel: give me a proof that Islam doesnot allow jews and christians to live
i dont know what religion you are but certainly it doesnt allow u to dis other religions or twist them


susan walsh

You must be reading English right to left. Everything you say is exactly in the reverse. See Hamas Mickey Mouse to see Gaza Education:

See how Hamas uses children in their attacks:

The truth is the UN is at fault. They have been supplying the Arabs in Gaza with all their needs, food clothing and money. Why should the youth in Gaza work? THEY HAVE NO MOTIVATION TO IMPROVE THEIR LIFE. Besides, they’ve been taught to hate the Jews. The UN has supported this position for 60 year. Now look at the monster the UN created.

These refugees should have been absorbed by their brethern, just as the Jews absorbed the Jews expelled from the Arab states in 1948. Read your history.


Marcel: There is a huge difference between an Israeli solider (coward, thug) who flies an F-16 and bombs civilian areas and commits GENOCIDE, and a Palestinian who is trying to defend his home land. Give the Palestinians F-16s they will not resort to Suicide Bombing, and then they will have a fair game. As for Muslim children taught to kill, what about Israeli kids who are trigger happy and killing Palestinians left and right as if it is the Wilde West. No respect fro International Law and no respect of humanity. I wish that you go and live in any settlement in Jerusalem or the Wets Bank and see what Jews teach their kids. I visited a settlement not long a go and saw the hatred in the eyes of those tree cutters, house burners, wall builders, farm attackers, Jewish thugs. All of them carry guns as if they own the land. The poor Palestinians can not even farm their land, or walk their streets..
So now you deny that we have been protecting you for the last 60 years and you want us to butt of, then why was your prime minister crying to our president to stop the UN vote and why was your foreign minister screaming to have us veto the resolution. Why do you come crying to us to bomb Iran or protect you to do so. Not enough more that 4300 American soldiers have been sacrificed for you in Iraq. You want us to be labeled as war criminals in the future like your country. Let me remind you that the founders of your state used terror very effectively to ethnically cleanse Palestinians in 1948, and in the process they killed more than 50 international and UN workers among them was the Swedish Count Bernadotte. Ask your father, probably he was one of those terrorists like Shamier, Peres, Sharon, Gold Meir, Begin and many more.


Susan wrote;
‘America gave Israel more than $150 Billion in the last 60 years and you are asking us to give more, so you can kill more children and women.’
Dear Susan,
It is your Islamic terrorists who strap bombs to themselves and blow up innocent women and children as part of their religious duties and not Israel.
As for you lie that I am asking for more money for Israel ARE YOU CAPABLE OF SPEAKING THE TRUTH,ANY TRUTH ?
You parrott all the slurs and propaganda of the jihadists who train their children from birth to make war on non-moslems from Kashmir to the Phillipines.
What I demand of the tiresome,meddling empire is that they stop interfering in Israel’s sovereign affairs and quit playing the hypocrite to appease their Saudi pimps.


World Focus is gravely remiss in failing to continue to cover the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The world must see the devastating results of Israel’s bombing of Gaza city. Ambulances can’t even get to injured people because of the bombing and the situation is awful. It is despicable that the Israelis seem to feel that it’s fine if the Palestinian people are exterminated. Shame on Israel, Shame on US official, Shame on the US news media!!!


Marcel: so you want the American people to give up their life style to fight a war that have nothing to do with them and with ideology. The American people fought all their wars and established a true democracy, not like your Israel. After 60 years of American Military and Economic support you can not do anything without running to us to protect you. Sometimes at the Security Council, others by shipping arms right away. America should never be part of an Ethnic Cleansing war. America gave Israel more than $150 Billion in the last 60 years and you are asking us to give more, so you can kill more children and women. Enough is Enough, Americans must rally against Israel’s Genocide against Christian and Muslim Palestinians. Shame on you Marcel, you support killing civilians with impunity. America must stop Israeli Genocide and must never give Israel a penny


Annjell weote :
My problem is that because the U.S. is a staunch ally of Israel, most of us, American citizens pay for it. We cannot travel the way we used to.’

How selfish your motives prove to be.
In the end it’s about traveling for you.
Your perverted penchant for blaming Israel instead of the intolerant hate filled Islamic jihadists is typical.
It trouble you that anyone stands with Israel against the Islamic Crusaders.
It’s not about the evil of Hamas and their Nazi like hatred of the Jews it’s about you and your selfish need.


Marcel: Back to you hate mongering approach against Muslims and Arabs. You are a homophobic individual who will never stop to preach a culture of hate encouraged by people like Daniel Pipes and Steven Emerson in this country. Killing Palestinians Muslim and Christian civilians does not seem to bother you. The destruction of Churches and Mosques is ok with you. Targeting universities, and hospitals is legitimate, but not a war crime. You say that Israel left Gaza as “a sign of sacrifice to the peace process” so for you abiding by international law is “a sacrifice” but violating international law is the norm so Israel should have kept the occupation of Gaza. This explains very much your acceptance of Palestinian casualties. In fact you seem to favor burning Gaza to the ground and killing all of its citizens. I invite you and many bloggers to look at the doctrine of the following Israeli political parties in the Israeli Parliament. Shas, Yisreal Beiteinu, National Union, National Religious Party. All these parties in Israel are calling for ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians. Unfortunately Marcel, you are obsessed with Islamic Jihad, trying to impress someone that you know something. But, you will never bring the Ideology of these parties to the open. Remember the assassination of Israel’s war and peace hero; “General Rabin” was justified by these parties and the MASSACRE that took place in Hebron on February 25, 1994, by a Jewish Doctor Baruch Goldstein against Palestinian Muslim worshipers, was also encouraged by these parties. Jews have invented terror in Palestine and in the Middle East as early as 1946, and continue to use in 2009. But they are very lucky to find blind people like you to defend them. Marcel, I feel bad to keep educating you facts, because your knowledge of the region and its history is minus 1000-. But I know that you are a paid blogger by a Zionist group in the states/ or Israel. You are told to keep pushing one point Islamic Jihad, but Jewish jihad, do not mention it.



I will not get into a blog fight with you.

The choice is yours and the Israelis. Your Arab neighbors, or should I say, Jihadis (which means struggle in Arabic)has made it plain and clear, you love life, they love death.

My problem is that because the U.S. is a staunch ally of Israel, most of us, American citizens pay for it. We cannot travel the way we used to.

If you want to die, or continue fighting for you right to live where “people always want to kill you” then stay.

It will come down to your property or your life. Sounds more like either a materialistic problem combined with a psychological problem.


annjell wrote ;
There are states here within the U.S. that have towns that are almost abandoned, the Jews could have easily came here instead of trying to force something to work that will not work.
What injcredible arrogance.
Israel is the ancient homeland of the Jews who were there long before Mohammed dreamed up his religion of conquest in the 7th century A.D.
If I said ;The Arabs have more than enough land compared to the Jews and the Palestinians should leave Israel and move to Jordan and Egypt and the problem would be solved it would make much more sense that your kuffar,cleansing argument.

Who are you to tell others where they can or cannot live ?
The intolerant and hate filled Jihadists are champions of ethbic cleansing.
Tell me how many Jews live in Saudi Arabia ,the heart of this religion of conquest and submission to slavery ?
The Israeli’s are not the same as the Palestinian moslems and do not teach their children to hate as your devious lie states.
The truth is easy to see if you are not blinded by Jew hate.
Hamas and their religious hatred and intolerance have brought a curse upon the people of Gaza



I just don’t understand how you think people should side with Israel when we see what is happening.

If the Palestinians were not locked up the way they are, then maybe you wouldn’t have as many problems as you do.

You have freedoms that the Palestinians can only dream of. I am also aware how some of the IDF at the border check points tend to harass some of the Palestinians.

You, lack empathy.



you know what this entire scenario reminds me of, the movie “the War of the Roses,” with Michael Douglas & Kathleen Turner.

The Roses divorced, neither wanted to give up the property, they’d killed themselves in the process.

People are running out of sympathy for the Jews due to the Jews continuing to put themselves in the position they’re in. THE JEWS ARE IN THE MUSLIM WORLD – SURROUNDED BY MUSLIMS.

Here in U.S. prisons, if they put every rival gang members in the same yards, cells, almost all would be injured or killed.

You keep saying that Hamas, Hezbollah wants to kill Jews. Yes, I am aware that the Palestinians teach their children to hate Jews. But don’t tell me that the Jews don’t teach hate to their children either!

The way I see it here in the U.S., Jews have somewhat of the same background as Arabs, and East Asians, they want their children to marry within their race & religion.

However, it can’t be good for what the Israelis are putting their children through. Here in the U.S. that would be called Child Endangerment, Child Abuse, Child Neglect and the kids would be taken from the home.

There are states here within the U.S. that have towns that are almost abandoned, the Jews could have easily came here instead of trying to force something to work that will not work.

Israelis has some of the best people in the world when it comes to hunting people down, and kidnapping them to face whatever crimes Israel wants to charge them with. People here in the U.S., at least most of us do not like people killing children.


annjell wrote;
It is plain and clear, this is a land-grab war, through means of genocide.’
How is it that the haters of Israel have the gall to lie so openly and without shame.
The pathology of lies is at work deep within this axis of evil. The y hate the truth and attack any who speak it as Anthony Cordesman did.
We know what the Islamic jihadists intend to do with Israel.The speak about it openly,to kill every Jew for their bloodthirsty and unmerciful god allah.
There is no place for the kuffar (unbeliever), Jews and Christians with them and so the Charter of Fatah and Islamic Jihad along with Iran’s Hizbollah and Hamas is the genocide of a non-moslem nation of Jews.
The lies and propaganda by the cadre of jihadist supporters here is as dark and diabolical as the Hamas killers they support.
Israel left Gaza in 2005 as a painful sacrifice for the supposed peace process and was rewarded immediately for it’s efforts with Palestinian rockets on ot’s civilian population.
There was no outcry from the phony humanatarians who now come out of the woodwork to protest civilian casualties.
The reality is that Israel cannot afford to lose one war with rabid foaming at the mouth dogs like Hamas who live for jihad ,death and destruction and not peace.
The enemies of Israel are enraged that Israel might possibly defeat another radical Islamic army and shame the moslem word with another one of many defeats.


2 websites maintained by NATO & US Army defaced by the Turkish group Agd_Scorp/Peace Crew as a protest against Israel-Palestine war.


[…] Israel entering “Phase Three” according to Anthony Cordesman on WorldFocus […]


Just visited the website
and learned that IDF forced some Palestinian men to disrobed, and unleashed dogs upon women & children.

Also learned the new humanitarian boat coming from Cyprus (some are doctors, nurses, journalists… from Europe & California). Hopefully, this boat won’t be attacked like the one attacked with a former U.S. Congresswoman.

Mark Regrev said that Israel “doesn’t commit war crimes.” and called the Free Gaza organizers “Hamas sympathizers.”


Once again we get unintelligible mush from Anthony Cordesman. Martin, why do you allow this guy to appear on WF as an “expert.” He says casualties in Gaza are low, and in explanation, says only 850 Palestinian civilians have been killed. May I suggest that we transport Mr. Cordesman to Gaza and make him stay there with the Palestinians to experience first hand the destruction, the bombings and the artillery inflicted on them by the Israeli war machine and its “iron fist.” Perhaps he would then realize how high the risk is to those civilians caught in the concentration camp set up by Israelis for Gazan Palestinians.


Doron: As always when the killed are Arabs and Muslims numbers do not matter. The so called military expert did not know the exact number of Palestinians killed, he said 850 where in reality they are 919,as of the moment. Daren it, the difference is 69 Palestinians, who cares. Imagine he made a mistake with 69, Israeli civilian, he will never appear on any show in the US. Indeed he will be made to apologize and his media credentials will be degraded. Israel and its supports in the West are furious because Hamas killed 15 Israelis in 7 years of missile launching. Imagine Hamas killing 69, Israelis. My God, the poor Palestinians will pay for that with more than four thousand dead and 20, 000 injured. Then Anthony Grodesman will say “ 69” Israelis that was to many for a civilized, democratic, peace loving, Western country to accept. World Focus, In most of your analysis of the War you have looked at the Palestinians as inferior and deserve to be killed. Most of your so called experts were biased and some were very ill informed. Although Mr. Grodesman, is a respected scholar, he failed miserably tonight to analyze as a scholar and instead spoke as a Jew rather than as a educator to the average citizen


I guess if something were to happen here in the U.S., Americans should be allowed to take refuge in Canada & Mexico? Give me a break!

Most of the food and medical supplies are donated by Libya, Qatar, World Food Program & other humanitarian organizations.

There’s no such thing as civilian casualties being a low number. Especially in light of the fact that the IDF could have easily went in to get the Hamas leaders they wanted.

It’s no secret that Israel have kidnapped, snatched at border checkpoints…people they want at any given moment.

There are over 11,000 Palestinians in jail from age 16+, some are held on administrative charges, meaning they are held without charges and have been there for a while.

IDF is known to take over Palestinians homes as a means for so-called military purposes, or using a military posts.

Because Israel has bombed the infrastructures, homes…this is nothing less than a land steal. Otherwise, why would everyone keep saying that Egypt should allow the Palestinians into Egypt. That way the Israelis can say the Palestinians have abandoned the land, so they have every right to it.

It is plain and clear, this is a land-grab war, through means of genocide.


Dear World Focus,
Thank you for the interview tonight of Anthony Cordesman. He pointed out that casualties were quite low for a conflict of this type in this terrain. This restores some perspective from the incessant accusation of Israel for “targeting civilians”. Israel has dropped leaflets, used cellphone calls, to reduce civilian casualties. It has kept its own civilian casualties low through sirens and bomb shelters. Hamas’ top leaders are reportedly sitting in bunkers underneath the main Gaza hospital.

I hope you will ask why Egypt is not allowing Gazans to take temporary refuge on the Egyptian side of the border. They could easily do this by opening the Rafah crossing.

I hope you will ask why Egypt kept the Rafah crossing shut, and even now, allows only a trickle of medical supplies through. Most food and medical supplies still come through Israel.

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