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January 9, 2009
Moderate Palestinian group aims to resolve Gaza conflict

While the Israeli offensive in Gaza is aimed at the militant Hamas faction that controls the territory, there is another Palestinian group that been involved in efforts to end the fighting: The more moderate Fatah group, which controls the West Bank and whose leader, Mahmoud Abbas, is president of the Palestinian Authority.

Nabil Abuznaid, a top Palestinian representative in the United States and an official with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), joins Martin Savidge to discuss public sentiment among Palestinians, the effect of the war in Gaza on Hamas’s popularity and Fatah’s role in resolving the conflict. 

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Oh true true
how could i have been so stupid


israel is living a lie because god has already condemded theme by reducing ther #######


When is a terroist not a terroist ?NEVER.All countries lose land in war and always have done ,there is a lot of difference beteen a terroist and not one ,if you are with them you are supporters of them only thing is they are terroists ,remeber they teach their children from birth to be a suicide bomber ,and they want no firing back ,give me a break ,name one country who would do that if attacked ?If you lose a war you lose ,suck it up and get on with life instead of being a sore loser .


After centuries of persecution and murder, I agree it is Israel’s turn to have some fun. Go for it boys!


I am a graduate of American schools, but the difference between the two of us that I know and you think you know. The gap is very serious. If you want to blog with well informed people, you should be as informed. But if you are in it to waste time, you are doing a good job.


To Susan Walsh:
Yes, my English not perfect but you lern history in Arab school.


Marcel: in each blog your shallowness and misinformation appear clearer and clearer. You want to blame the victim for this all the time. What about the occupation. How come you do not want to talk about it? Or is it ok with you, that Muslim and Christian Palestinians be under Jewish occupation for the rest of their lives. All nations including the Jews fought against oppression. The Palestinians are doing the same. In addition, the UN gave the Palestinians that right to resist occupation by force. Go back to the UN and see what it said in the case of Namibia and Palestine about the right to defend ones land against aggression. International Law however, is not on Israel’s side, thugs, and cowards like you who hide behind F-16 and consider that to be an equal war are. Had Israel been using all this force against a country like Egypt, or Syria, then it’s a fair game, but when all of this force is used against poor civilians who have been exiled for more than 60 years in refugee camps, is nothing but thuggish and brutal. This is a classic case of ethnic cleansing. Israel has killed more than 920 people in 17 days and wounded more than 4200. The majority of the dead and the wounded are women and children, and many thugs around the world call that fair and Israel has the right to defend itself.


Herr David or whatever your name is,
You forgot about the Hamas Kassem’s,Grad’s and mortars fired into Israeli cities which are responsible for all of this.
I know it troubles you and the other Israel haters that the truth of Islamic atrcities is getting out while the mianstream media attempts to cover them up.Thank God for the internet.
You have a habit of ignoring the Hamas terrorists and their war crimes. Is that because you are one with them ?


Marcel: back to your propaganda and lies. Give us one source to go back to substantiate your claim. I skimmed through all major Israeli, European, and American newspapers to find the truth about your allegation, I found nothing. Unless you are connected to Israel’s intelligence, and you what many of us do not know. Again, I feel sorry for you, because you want to spread this culture of hate against Muslims, and you want to cover up Israeli ethnic cleansing, and war crimes. Also you would like to justify Israel’s wars against humanity by resorting to lies like that. One day, all Israeli war leaders will be brought to justice. I hope Americans will be speaking in one voice soon to demand that our money, and technology, will not be used to kill civilians.


The Israel Air Force on Monday bombed a mosque in southern Gaza City, on day 17 of its offensive against Hamas’ infrastructure in the coastal territory.

Israeli ground forces who entered the premises following the attack found a mass stockpile of weapons, including Qassam and Katyusha rockets.

What other religion on this earth uses it’s places of prayer as ammunition and weapons depot ?
The Bhuddist,Hindu’s,christians and Jews don’t,only the moslems do.
What kind of unmerciful and without compassion god do they serve that they hide behind their women and children to make war against all non-moslems ?
Why is the western media including World Focus covering up this insidious Islamic war crime against not just Israel but all of humanity ?


Boris, I think because of your poor English, you have failed to understand my arguments and thus I am unable to answer your illogical points. Just to correct your history, Israel and the Arabs fought seven wars. Israel started six and the Arabs started one. 1948, Israel attacked Palestinians civilians under the watchful eyes of the Arabs, like Gaza today and Lebanon in 2006. In 1956, Israel attacked the Arabs. In 1967, Israel attacked the Arabs. In 1973, the Arabs attacked Israel, in 19878, and 1982 Israel attacked the Arabs. In 2006, and 2008/9 Israel is attacking again. The myth that the Arabs will attack Israel becoming clearer everyday, 22 Arab countries are watching Palestinian civilians being massacred everyday and they are looking the other way. They did the same thing in 1948, and in 1982


To Susan Walsh:
Israel did not steal the land; Israel fought 3 bloody wars started by Arabs countries, with population about 300 mil and won all those wars. Israel has historical roots to this land.
You should learn form history that Germany, Japan lost war in 1945 and big part of their territory. You mention Mexico. Mexico lost to US big part of territory in 1848, but you not trying to return Texas to Mexico.
There was agreement secession sign between winners and losers but in Middle East conflict till now there is not such agreement between Israel and Arabs countries.
The Green Line are boundaries in which Israel will not survive, that’s why Israel has full rights get from Arab countries agreement with secure boundaries.
Regards, Boris D.


Doron: I think peace will come to region, when you and many Israelis like you acknowledge that the (OCUPPATION STUPIED), only when the occupation ends, so will end all the misery in the Middle East. Any distraction from that will give hate preachers like you an excuse to continue to repeat empty phrases: the Palestinians teach their children hate and that is why we have a conflict in the Middle East. Give me one Jewish family teaching its kids kind words about Nazism and Hitler. The Palestinians can not teach their children fiction. They must teach them facts and facts are stubborn in this case. Since 1948 until now European Jews are ethnically cleansing Palestinians. They are forcing them out of their homes, villages, farms and schools and replacing them with Russian and other Jews. In the last 20 years Israel absorbed more than a million and half Jew from the outside. The million and half replaced Palestinians in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and other Palestinian/Arab neighborhoods inside Israel, the ROUTE of the WALL speaks volumes to this. Thousands of acres are being confiscated from Palestinians under the cover of security, where in reality it is made to steal more land from the Palestinians. Every nation on earth has the right to secure its boarders including Israel. But no nation on earth can steal land from others under the cover of security. Israel should have built its wall on its internationally recognized boundaries (The Green Line). The US is talking about building a wall between Mexico and its southern boarders to prevent illegal immigration. Can the US build that wall on Mexican territory or it must be on American territory. I think if you answer that question sincerely you will know why Palestinian children will continue to resist your dominance over them for ever. Palestinian children are seeing that and asking many questions about it, their parents can not lie, the way Jewish mothers are teaching their children about the Holocaust.
It is unfortunate that the Palestinians are paying heavily for Western Pogroms, and the Holocaust. Doron, as for the show, this is the first time ever that an Israeli viewpoint was not aired. Just look at the days before, where many of us who watch the show began thinking that Siedorot is a New York Suburb, and the way Martin Savidge presents the issue. All the sudden Martin cars about Siedorot more than than the Israeli.


Marcel: bloggers are entitled to know your sources. You only cite the aggressor and the criminal in your fiction: Israeli and Israeli sources. You state that Hamas executed Fatah operatives, give us a source. You state that Hamas is looting trucks, why can not Israel kill them instead of killing children and women. If Israel can tell who is a Hamas and who is not, why most of Israel’s victims are civilians. All your arguments are very shallow and poor. Although your true intention, killing as many Palestinians as Israel can, is very clear in all of your writings. Your goal is similar to that of Daniel Pipes, and Thomas Friedman who just want to kill as many Muslims and Palestinians as they can, just so Palestinians can feel defeated in the heart. America could not defeat the Vietnamese, the Soviet Union could not defeat the Talibans, and Israel will never be able to defeat Palestinians. Using Hamas as an excuse to kill civilians will never provide Israel with a solution. However, it will enhance the chances of the Clash of Civilizations, something you, Daniel Pipes, and many Jews around the world would like to see.


Custer’s Last Stand
It’s too bad Israel’s political leadership do not decisivly defeat Hamas and bring the shame of defeat as their end legacy.
This shame and disgrace of Hamas would be a lasting mark on them across the globe and especially with the Palestinian people whom they strutted before like proud peacocks.
There is much video avaliable showing how Hamas use the civilian population and schools to fight against Israel from .This is a War Crime and yet the western media and NGO’s are silent as usual.
Yadlin also demonstrated, using a number of intelligence videos, that Hamas continued to use civilians and civilian infrastructure as a shield. For example, intelligence photographs showed a booby-trapped school, with explosives in every classroom.
In a similar indictment of Hamas’ egregious treatment of Gaza civilians, Cabinet Secretary Oved Yehezkel made mention of Hamas’ looting of humanitarian trucks, saying that the aid was being stored in Hamas warehouses and distributed selectively only to Hamas members.
Shin Bet Chief Yuval Diskin noted both of these phenomena. But, he said, Gaza citizens may have begun to protest. “There is clear evidence of Gaza residents refusing to have rocket launchers placed next to their homes.
This, as well as the deliberate execution of Fatah operatives under the cover of fire, suggests that Gaza residents are beginning to rethink their leadership. “Hamas is the target of criticism that they caused a tragedy in Gaza,” he said.
Part of the reason for looting and civilian distress, Diskin said, was the result of Hamas’ difficulty in getting aid from its usual allies. While, “there are efforts by Iran, Syria, and Hizbullah to create a chokehold on Israel, Hamas is trying to get aid from these entities, but isn’t receiving it.”


World Focus,

I hope you have not been put under pressure by Israelis to stop giving the news from Gaza.

I am aware that some website owners/blogs are saying that they were shut down because apparently some Jews called the service providers complaining that it was spam.


Marcel: notice you did not answer any logical question with any logical argument. You like many others went on a rampage of accusations against those who know. I truly feel sorry for your blind, but not informed, view on the Israeli Palestinian question. I think you would be better off reading some valuable books on the subject and then start blogging with people. You are not only wasting my time because of your ignorance, but also wasting your time by not learning. I am certain that you want Israel to kill more Palestinians and Muslims. Your ignorance is making you full of hate and anger. It will be very interesting to know what your church is teaching you, although I suspect that you are a christian, about the world: hate and anger. The way Israeli temples are teaching children especially in the settlements, and her in New York and New Jersey. Jewish kids are taught since an early age to kill Palestinians, and ethnically cleanse them. All Israeli temples teach that


Whatever Israel does it’s never enough for the goats,while the moslems do nothing but jihad and never hide their true aganda and openly call for the extermination of ISRAEL.
The West has no problem with the Islamic jihadists as long as they are killing Jews and not blowing up the Londodn Underground.
It troubles the supporters of the replacement Nazi’s that Israel fights back and not restrained as they work so hard to do.
(As a Christian supporter of Israel I don’t think Israel is fighting tough enough yet)
It won’t be so easy to finish Hitler’s agenda even with all the propaganda marshalled against the Jews.
These enemies of Israel being pathological liars hate the truth.
Here is a bit of truth from recent history.

In announcing the “Disengagement Plan” in December 2003, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said the withdrawal was to increase security of residents of Israel, relieve pressure on the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and reduce friction between Israelis and Palestinians. Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement, claims that the withdrawal is the result of violent Palestinian resistance to Israeli occupation.
What is the withdrawal plan?
Starting Aug. 15, tens of thousands of Israeli troops will oversee the evacuation of the settlers from 21 different communities in Gaza and four smaller settlements in the West Bank. They will assist settlers with moving their belongings as well. Some Palestinian security forces will also participate. On Aug. 17, settlers who have not voluntarily left will be forcibly removed and may lose personal property, according to IDF commanders. Israeli soldiers will then demolish settlers’ homes.

So what did Israel get from this painful sacrifice for peace with the jihad crazy moslems of Gaza ?
What dd Israel get from obediently following orders from their ‘friends’ in Washington ? What will Israel get if it follows the same failed agenda in Judea,Samaria and Jerusalem ?
No more restraint no more sacrifice ,no more land for roockets ,terrorize the Islamiic terrorists day and night ,give them what they intend for Israel before they import any more weapons from Iran into Gaza. The suffering of the Gaza population who rejected moderate(?) Fatah stand with the Hamas terrorists and suffer for their grave error. Hopefully this may lead to Palestinian mother not sending their children to jihad school but instead looking to support their families instead of the UN and a host other assorted NGO’s.
Give Hamas hell so that they will always remember that they will pay a greater price by attacking Israel.No worthless ceasefire with pathological liars who have no intention of living in peace with non-Moslams.
Restore the deterrence with your enemies which was lost by your retreat from Gaza and your appeasment to these replacement Nazi’s of Hamas.


Marcel: you are worried about Palestinian corruption, but not about the Israeli one. Olmert is about to go to prison, and the entire Israeli leadership is under investigation. Had Sharon survived his stroke, he would have been in prison too. Sharon’s son Omari is serving time in prison. The head of Shas Elie Yashia is under investigation, so is Barak, and Bibi. The majority of Israeli Politicians are under investigation and all of the sudden you are worried about the poor Palestinians that Israel and the world stole their state from them and now killing them with impunity. If the world pays the Palestinians trillions it will not suffice for the property they stole from them in Haifa, Jaffa, and Bisan and many more towns and cities, you probably will never be able to pronounce. You call the Palestinians losers, what about the Israeli who get all of our money, and get deafted by evryone. in 2006 Hezboallh deafted them and now they are most likely to be moraley defeated by women and children.


Amazing Mr. Savidge, why did you interrupt the Palestinian speaker, while never interrupting the Israeli guests. You never even challenged the Israeli ones, but with the Palestinian you were ready to jump, as if saying World Focus is very sorry for having a Palestinian speaking on behalf of his people. The American media always surprises me. In Ireland, during the conflict BBC gave enough time to both and respected both equally. That is professionalism, interrupting a guest is simply wrong, and speaks volumes of the tolerance and respect of having him on the show.


I agree that Israel is like an addict who constantly must bring different and new excuses so he can get money form his supplier. That is a brilliant analogy. From 1948-1965 the Arabs are the enemy, then from 1965-1993 the PLO/ Fatah was the enemy. Then from 1995-to present Hezebollah and Iran are the enemies then from 2000-Hamas is the enemy. After all is said and done, maybe Ocean will be the enemy. Any thing so Israel does not return occupied land to the Palestinians


Marcel, The world gave the Palestinians almost 8 Billion dollars over the last 15 years, not worth the real state of Jaffa, or any other Palestinian city which your beloved Israel stole from the Palestinian by a UN resolution. Let us state how much the West gave Israel since it was created. Germany where most Jews belong, but not Palestine, gave Israel more that $150 Billion and still giving. The USA gave Israel a $125 Billion and still giving, and all European nations have been giving since 1948. The waste it seems to me is Israel, not the Palestinians, because more that 30% of Israel’s population is under poverty line. My be you should explain that to the American people who are broke right now, but still must pay Israel to kill its Arab neighbors $4 Billion next year. Israel is Americas worst investment, a country that can not protect itself until now and always seeks the financial help of the US regardless of how much money it has been given. Israel is like an addict, no matter what you give him, he will always be a corrupt


The ‘moderate’ Palestinians got run out of Gaza by Hamas.
So these losers are going to deliver what ?
More empty promises that they have proven they cannot deliver ?
With the amount of money the world community has dumped in the lap of the Palestinains over the decades they should all be millionaires like Sufa ,Arafat’s wife.
What a debacle ,what a waste ,what a failure of historic propportions by the International community.

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