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January 7, 2009
Protesters worldwide march for and against Gaza strikes

A policeman watches an anti-Israel protest in London.

The fighting in Gaza has sent thousands of protesters into streets around the world.

In the Palestinian-controlled West Bank, children joined marchers waving flags and banners on Wednesday supporting the Palestinians in Gaza. In Lebanon, a crowd in Beirut cheered calls to back Hamas and to be ready for more Israeli attacks on Arab countries.

Hundreds of Palestinians in Argentina marched to the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires demanding that Israel withdraw from Gaza, while in Turkey, protesters gathered outside a basketball game scheduled between an Israeli and a Turkish team — forcing riot police to protect the Israeli team members as they fled before the game could be played.

A blogger at “My Random Compulsion” writes from Nablus, a town in the West Bank, about marching in protests there.

Blogger “Yohay” writes about an anti-war demonstration in Tel Aviv and posts pictures.

Blogger “Rayyan” describes anti-Israel demonstrations in London, which marched across the city to the Israeli embassy. Another blogger, “Sunny” of The Guardian’s “Comment is Free” blog, writes that he attended the same demonstration but was troubled by the religious overtones and other aspects of the march.

Anti-Israel protests in Paris turned violent, and the “ParisDailyPhoto” blog posts images of the resulting damage.

The “Islam in Europe” blog provides an overview of protests across Europe, including some in Germany, Finland and Greece.

In Iraq, a mass rally against the Israeli offensive turned deadly when a suicide bomber blew himself up near the protest.

Blogger “Pamela” writes that a pro-Israel rally in New York City drew wide support.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Joe Cross under a Creative Commons license.

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To Laura Eklund:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Finally a voice based on historical fact, an honest description of events that are well recorded.

I’d also like to share with you a youtube video that demonstrates the truth about Hamas. Must see!!!


I’ve been watching the news on various channels and many, well most are saying the IDF is in the wrong about this or that, but no one is talking about what Hamas and Palestinian terrorists have done to Isreal. I can understand that many people are anti-war, I am as well, but I am a student of history. Eversince 1948, and even before, Israel has had to deal with terrorism. Jewish men, women and children have suffered from terrorist attacks. One of the most recent is the woman suicide bomber, who waited until she got amist a group of woman and children then exploded her bomb killing herself and those around her.
When the UN voted for the partition for separate Jewish and Palestiinian states (the Balfour Declaration), the Jews formed their own government. The Palestinians did not. If people will check their history, they will remember that Ben Gurion’s inauguration speech emplored the Arabs to participate in the government and they recognized the right of the Palestians to have their own country. It has been the Palestians who have never accepted Israel’s right to exist and have secure borders. Whenever there has been a armed conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, the UN has always forced a ceasefire. Israel has always followed through, but while Israel has obeyed the cease fire, it has given the Palestinians time to rearm. Our own CIA has proven it. It’s time for the world comunity to back off and let Israel finally defend itself like we would do if we were being attacked. ie: War on Terror


this is not about religon thi is about israel invaded palestine and killing inocent childrn, women and men, this is fashism . some people think its religion problem . no its not its a land problem please try to understand rob u said people who support palestine arab or muslim u said there is nothing to do with religon


I’m Yohay, that wrote about the protests in Tel Aviv. I’m a Jew, and so were most of the protesters against the war.
Unfortunately, we’re still a minority…


It seems that the overwhelming majority of the protesters described in this article are Arabs and/or Muslims, who are hardly unbiased. I am baffled that anyone can deny the right of Israel to strike back to halt rocket fire directed solely at their own civilians. As long as people sympathize w/ Hamas’ tactic of endangering civilians on both sides of the conflict, there will be more tragedy on both sides, w/ Palestinians bearing the worst of it.


I think it is unfair to characterize the protesters as anti-Israel in your post title. Most protesters at the anti-Gaza offensive rallies are pro-peace and anti-war. Many of these same people marched in the Anti-Iraq War protests and many of them are not anti-Israel.

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