January 6, 2009
Israeli air strikes near schools kill civilian refugees

The Israeli military attacked near a U.N. school in Gaza, killing at least 30 people who had been taking refuge in the facility. A strike on a second U.N. school killed 12 people. Although Israel has accused Hamas of using schools and mosques for cover, it has not commented on this particular incident.

Andrew Whitley, head of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East speaks with Martin Savidge about the wider humanitarian concerns in Gaza.

Pat Lang, former head of intelligence analysis for the Middle East and the U.S. Defense Department, provides a closer look at the fighting. Lang examines the military situation on both sides, including reports of friendly fire deaths of Israeli soldiers.




to will planes from gaza cannot fly over israel or egypt because they would drop bombs on jews NO DUH


To Martin Savidge:
Media against Israel.
It’s not a secret that Arabs regimes want total distraction of Israel.
They could not achieve that in conventional wars in 1948, 1967 & 1973.
After all this defeats, Soviet KGB created for notorious “freedom fighter” Y.Arafat blue print how slowly but steady destroy Israel.
Gaza is a perfect example: first, terror attacks against Israeli citizens to provoke Israeli Army retaliation. Second, put as many as possible Palestinian children and women’s under fire. After bloody accident, call for international cry and then, blame “Israeli aggressor” in crime against humanity. Demanding UN Resolutions, political and economical boycott and more. They started this in 1982 and successfully repeated every 2-3 years.
What is most prostration to me that so call balanced media (CNN, BBC, N.Y. Times and others) are intentionally or not intentionally, I don’t know, are using this False?
My answer is: ”most of the media are anti-Israeli”.
I am not expecting that you’ll answer me, because you are afraid the truth.
Boris Blansky
Los Angeles
Jan. 09, 2009


they fire the rockets b/c they are inmates in a giant OPEN AIR PRISON blockaded by Israel and Egypt by air, land, and, sea. 1.5 million people in a giant open air prison, yet the Israeli apologists cannot see this. They are so self centered, they only think of themselves.


The international community starting with the UN and the globalist media do not like to see Jews defend themselves.They would rather see a repeat of the Jews silently headed for slaughter without a fight.Only then they would show their great compassion towards the dead Jews and bend their heads before nice memorials to the nation of dead Jews.
UNWEA’s Andrew Whiltley must know the intention’s of Hamas to wipe Israel off the face of the earth,he could not be so stupid to not know could he ?
This smart fellow must be aware of the Hamas charter as he sees them training and building fortifications for war all over Gaza in the midst of the civilian population ?
And yet he sides with the Islamic terrorists against Israel as does the U.N. and the majority of the International Community to appease unapeasable Hamas.
It’s easier for the world to sacrifice Israel than to deal with the deathcult at Israel’s neck.
The world community will pay a heavy price for their duplicity in once again aiding the evil forces from hell in their war against the Jews.
You stood by and allowed the death camps of Hitlers Germany to continue operating long after you knew what they were for just as you attempt to restrain and tie Israel’s hands from defeating another even greater evil force at Israel’s neck.
Mark my words ; ‘The world community will pay a heavy price for the evil they are doing against Israel under the cry of ending the humanitarian crisis in Hamas infected Gaza.’
You never showed this much concern when millions were dying in Rwanda.Never this much motivation to stop the war in Congo, and never this much action in Darfur.
The only reason you act now is because Israel is close to defeating another Islamic threat to it’s existence as you did in your mission to rescue Hizbollah who are stronger now thanks to you.
You miserable liars and hypocrites at the U.N. there is a special place in hell which awaits you for assisting the new Nazis of our day attempt to finish what the European Adolph Hitler began.


Dear World Focus,

The events at the UNWRA school today are tragic. But they are not made any better by Mr.
the distortions of UNWRA’s Andrew Whitely. Israel asserted that it fired in response to
mortar fire from the school; Mr. Whitely ruled out this possibility. How can he be
certain? UNWRA has a history of employing and sheltering Hamas operatives, and its
schools teach the most extreme form of Hamas propaganda. Its entire structure is set up
for the perpetuation, and not the resolution of, the Palestinian refugee issue.

Mr. Whitely was followed by Dr. Erik Fosse on the situation in Gaza hospitals. He did not
assign any blame to Hamas, only to the “siege”. Since Hamas took over Gaza, it has spent
all its resources on building up armed militias, and neglected hospitals and schools. It
has a huge role in the hospital situation. Ironically, most medicine coming into Gaza
still comes from Israel. Until recently, Egypt kept its Rafah crossing tightly shut, and
even now is allowing only a trickle of medical supplies, and not even all the material at
the Rafah border crossing.

Fosse was followed by former CIA officer Pat Lang. Mr. Lang pooh poohed the whole Israeli
op, saying if Hamas could fire even one rocket at the end, Israel’s op was a failure. In
response to a leading question from Martin Savidge, he concurred that the operation was
badly thought through, and a mistake.

Yet neither Mr. Savidge nor Mr. Lang offered any alternative action that Israel should
take to stop 80 rockets a day! I have no doubt that if Mr. Lang was in charge, and 80
rockets were being fired a day into a US border city, he would have authorized a military
operation against the source – irrespective of whether it is densely populated, or the
rockets might not totally cease. Especially if the movement starting the fire was
dedicated to the US’ destruction and the murder of all its citizens.

Israel could not simply sit by as Hamas fired so many rockets. Tragically, there have
been civilian casualties, and this will delight Hamas, but not Israel. If Israel succeeds
in degrading Hamas’ rocket sources, and reduces rocket fire, then it will be a partial
military success, even if it loses the propaganda war. In any event, Israel is a country
that is never allowed to win, and can do no right in the eyes of the UN and the Muslim
world. Given those restrictions, its focus will remain survival -and the prevention of
another holocaust.

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