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January 5, 2009
Israel attacks Gaza on the ground for third day

Israel’s ground attacks in Gaza continued for a third day on Monday as the death toll rose above 500. An international envoy including Tony Blair and French President Nicolas Sarkozy has appealed for a cease-fire, but Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak insists that the operation must continue.

Israeli Consul General Asaf Shariv speaks with Martin Savidge about the extent of Israel’s intentions in this ground offensive.

Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies continues the conversation with a description of the situation in Gaza. Cordesman gives his evaluation of Israel’s strategy and considers the possibilities for avoiding prolonged military occupation of the region.

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jude you are wrong israel has been sitting like a patient parent over gaza while it is attacked by numerous rockets and mortars daily israel has done nothing wrong it is hamas and other terrorists who deserve to be slaughtered by hitler


Hussein Eder is correct in writing to challenge these Israeli spokesmen, enough with the pro-israeli bias. Enough with calling Hamas terrorists when israel tried to starve millions and is now killing them indiscriminately. If Hitler had these Israeli minds on his side, he would have killed millions more and have the whole world to side with him.


In a published opinion titled “Don’t pity the Palestinians, Adi Dvir said exactly what I say:

“Observers worldwide have been expressing great pity for the people of Gaza, many of whom have been killed, injured, or forced to flee their homes during the ongoing IDF operation. This pity may be a natural emotional reaction, yet it is unethical and immoral.
“To pity the people of Gaza is to patronize them, in essence implying that they do not control their fate, the state of their government, or their own actions. It is to assume one of two things: Either that Gazans are too stupid to oust the cancerous Hamas presence in their midst, or that they are unable to do so.
“Just as a crying baby who only elicits pity will continue to cry, the citizens of Gaza will continue to cry out to the world instead of taking matters into their own hands. As long as they are told that they are helpless victims or mere pawns at the hands of terrorists, Gazans will only see their suffering prolonged.
“The residents of Gaza, and the Palestinians as a whole, say they would like their own state. Yet such state must be earned. And earning a state – a piece of land to call your own – takes much more than incessant whining to the international community coupled with a desire to drive out the Jews. It requires inner strength and the ability to create rather than destroy. This is what Israelis proved time and again for over 60 years, and this is what Palestinians have yet to prove.

“Yet before the people of Gaza are able to build, Hamas must be obliterated. Moreover, Hamas’ ultimate defeat must not be at the hands of the IDF, but rather, it is an endeavor that must be undertaken by Gaza residents themselves. After all, Hamas is the true reason for their misery.
“Those who believe that Gazans are capable of this should do away with their pity. As to those who do not believe Gazans can do it – why waste time pitying them in the first place?”

To this I would only add, “Help them only when they elect to set aside their hate.”


Asaf Shariv, Israeli consul, tries to make it look like the Palestinians are justly suffering for their choice of Hamas in a democratically held election in January 2006. But really we all know who the agressor is – Israel. It tried to kill off all the Palestinians in Gaza by its blockade hoping to starve Palestinians in Gaza by limiting food and fuel. Having failed in its blockade, now it wants to shoot and bomb them. The real terrorist is Israel and Israelis who support its war crimes.

As for Anthony Cordesman, that guy is a toady for Israel when he claims civilian casualties in the thousands are not at all that great considering the close living quarters in Gaza. For that very reason Cordesman should condemn Israel for its disproportionate firing and bombing. It knows civilians surely will be killed, yet it goes ahead. Look what Israel has done to the Islamic University, to the mosques, to the police stations, to the schools. Yet Cordesman accepts all of that without a peep.

Martin Savidge, challenge these Israel spokesmen. Don’t let them get away with their spin and propaganda.


Israel showed restraint towards Hamas rockets for 8 years under pressure from the failed US President and his failed peace scheme of land for Rockets.The diplomatic approach has failed because Hamas has no intention or desire for peace.Israels sacrifice for peace has made her look weak and emboldened Hamas leading to this war.The U.S. policy in the Mid East is a complete failure as events in Gaza prove and yet the idiots at State want to continue down the same fialed path of rewarding bad behavior at Israel’s expense.
Now that Israel has gone into Gaza to end the rockets, the anti-Israel Hamas Fan Club comes to their aid in calling for another worthless ceasefire.
It troubles the International community that Israel defend themselves ,they would much rather see the Jews once again headed for slaughter without a fight.The cry against Israel about disproportionate force is another attempt to restrain Israel from doing what it must do.
If the West had used intense efforts to halt Hamas firing of rockets and mortars into Isrsaeli cities there would be no war in Gaza.
They did nothing except their standard minimal protests .
Once again the West sat on its hands and gave the Islamic terrorists a pass as they have done with Sudan in Darfur for all these years.
Hamas uses the Palestinian civilians as human shelids to attack Israel and we are supposed to point the finger at Israel for this tragedy ?
The smokescreen used to pressure Israel against acheiving their goal of no more rockets on Israeli cities is a humanitarian crisis.If only they cared as much for the people of Darfur who after so many years contunue to suffer under Isalmic Genocide.
This double standard exposes the International community for the hypocrites they are.
They blame Israel for what is the sole responsibility of Hamas.Now that Hamas is headed for their grave they get busy to save Arab face from another defeat .The only reason there is a rush to implement another worthles ceasefire which Hmams will not honor is because the Arab world is nervous about another defeat at the hands of tiny Israel.This shame they cannot deal with as so they pressure the EU,US,UN to stop Israel.
No, the blame lies completely with Hamas.
If they had not chosen to fire rockets into Israel NONE of this would have happened.

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