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January 1, 2009
Top five interviews of 2008

Worldfocus presents highlights from recent interviews, from a humanitarian worker in Somalia to a discussion of how new media played a role in coverage of the attacks on Mumbai, India.

Below is a list of the interviews that were most popular with viewers in 2008.

Financial crisis impacts developing countries Randall Filer of Hunter College and the City University of New York discusses how the financial crisis impacts the borrowing power and interest rates of developing countries.
Congo’s women mutilated, children sent into battle John Prendergast of the ENOUGH project discusses the use of rape as a weapon in eastern Congo as well as prospects for the U.N. in the region.
Russian warship to arrive in Venezuela Shannon O’Neil of the Council on Foreign Relations examines Hugo Chávez’s position and the future of Venezuela in light of the country’s local elections and forthcoming joint naval exercises with Russian warships.
Tweets, texts and chats change coverage of Mumbai Sree Sreenivasan of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism discusses how new media tools have helped speed up communications and news coverage of the Mumbai attacks.
Pirates overshadow humanitarian crisis in Somalia Somali human rights worker Zam Zam Abdullahi Abdi speaks about the critical situation in her country — the widespread hunger, lawlessness and targets on humanitarian aid workers.

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