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January 1, 2009
Thursday, January 1, 2009

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I get the sense that the world is beginning to blame Israel for the conflict.

How convenient that would be.

Here is a country/area whose ELECTED leadership has vowed to destroy Israel. I constantly fires rockets into Israels CIVILIAN population. Then, the world decries Israel as it RESPONDS with its own bombing (which is aimed at the sites from which missiles are being fired in Gaza) campaign.

What does any country do when a foreign power threatens and kills it people. EVERY other countries government would respond to such attacks and furthermore, it would be with the express blessing of the world at large.

Slight bias?


World Focus

Why can’t you report the facts and let us decide on what the truth is? Like all other news programs, you or someone on your program puts the spin on and we the public have to watch and figure out what is truth or not.


I agree with the points made in this comment-
I too was dismayed by the report which presented a story ‘made for tv’ by Al Jazeera,( how impartial are they) and then presenting a member of the Carter Center as an unbiased balancing voice. I think that the deletion of the information that the Israelis dropped leaflets and called the houses which sheltered bombmakers so that innocents could leave is essential. If rocket launchers and bombmakers chose to remain hidden in civilian populations, they should be shown to do so. The ‘facts’ as given my Mr. Pastor suffer the same selection process as was rebutted in Mr. Carters latest book. Facutal errors when brougt to light did not resonante with the news media. The agenda in this report is lamentably clear. This shallow view harms all hopes for peace.. keeping those Palestinians who would opt for peace (and have themselves been targeted by Hamas) entrapped by a group of terrorists for whom the bloodbath – and its goal of the destruction of Israel is their only agenda.
In order to report fairly, at a mimimum- both sides of the issue with both sides represented in the commentary need to be aired. Facts and full disclosure would also be nice.


Dear World Focus,
Tonight, Thursday 1 January, the program severely slanted against Israel. We were treated to scenes of medical supplies crossing at the Egyptian Rafah border. But there was little focus on Egypt’s refusal to provide food, etc. through that border.

We were subjected to an emotive report from Al Jazeera (English) about the trauma of a family in Gaza – but there was no focus on Israeli families sitting in bomb shelters.

However, in many respects, the most slanted piece was by Prof. Robert Pastor, on the reasons for the collapse of the ceasefire. He claimed that Hamas reduced the rockets to only 8 or 9 per month. I would read about two or three a day, several times a week, in the Jerusalem Post. This does not square with Pastor’s claims.

He also claimed that Hamas had more right to feel aggrieved because Israel did not allow in 750 trucks per day. Israel closed the border crossings when they were attacked, or there were rocket attacks.

In addition, Hamas continued to smuggle in massive amounts of weaponry during the ceasefire. It hoarded incoming supplies for its own cronies, and manipulated shortages to stage media events.

I feel the coverage throughout on World Focus has been more biased than other media:
(1) You don’t keep saying that most Palestinians killed have been militants. Your coverage suggests they are civilians. Indeed, UN reports suggest 3/4 of the deaths are militants. This shows Israel has tried to avoid civilian casualties, and compares favorably with many other conflicts.
(2) Repeated use of the casualty count suggests blame on Israel. You never mention that Israeli casualties are kept low through warning sirens and bomb shelters. Nor is the casualty count on each side mentioned in other conflicts.
(3) You never ask why Egypt keeps the Rafah border crossing tightly shut and refuses to provide supplies. So, even as the rockets fall, Israel has to provide Gaza with food, water, etc. Israel is also still taking in Gazans for medical treatment.
(4) You minimize Hamas’ role in starting this war, and its main goal – namely the destruction of Israel, and the death/ expulsion of all Jews.

I hope and pray for a time when both Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace. But it will not come as long as Hamas and others are more intent on Israel’s destruction than on a Palestinian state. Far too many Palestinians still follow Yasser Arafat’s dictum “we will drown them in our own blood”. That is the tragedy of the Palestinian cause. It was built not for its own sake, but for the destruction of Israel.

Things could have been so different if Arab lands had uplifted Arab refugees, as did Israel for the equivalent number of Jewish refugees who were expelled, or fled from, Arab lands – after the failed 1948 Arab invasion of a tiny Jewish state.

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