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December 31, 2008
Israel rejects cease-fire

Israel rejected a cease-fire today and continues its strike against Hamas. For more on Israel’s view of the conflict, Worldfocus talks with Benjamin Krasna, Israel’s deputy consul general in New York. ┬áKrasna answers questions about civilian welfare in Gaza and the potential for a ground invasion.

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Thanks World Focus for bringing a side to which most people are still uninformed & misinformed, you break the barriers by presenting a side that would otherwise be left unknown.

I also urge people to visit the website here you can see videos from Gaza, pix from Gaza, and read events posted by Human Rights Defenders that have been in Gaza.

Thanks to World Focus & Free Gaza I now have a better insight to what’s happening in Gaza!!!


Israel must learn from the past that the use of force causes more hatred against it and against moderat Arab leaders. Israel,it is time to end the occupation of all Arab land, so you can live in peace as you claim you want to do. In the last six decades the Arabs attacked only once and you have attacked the rest(7) times.In each time you kill and injure thousands of Arabs, and the Arabs kill one or two. It is time to tell the truth about your true intentions:the total control of Palestine.


You state that Israel rejected a cease fire…not mentioning that Hamas has also done so according to the New York Times


the worst comments ever by an Israeli official on the subject. One can tell that the Israelis have no regard to Palestinian or to humanity. They think that using F 16 and 35 against civilans is self-defense, shamful acts, by shamless people. I do not understand why American money and technology is used to kill Palestinians

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