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December 31, 2008
Arabs respond to war in Gaza

Nearly 400 people are reported dead on the fifth day of Israeli air strikes in Gaza. While Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert refuses to bow to international pressure for a cease-fire, much of the Arab world has sharply criticized Egypt, the Palestinian Authority and anyone else cooperating with Israel.

Worldfocus talks with Marymount Manhattan College professor and Palestinian-American Ghassan Shabaneh about the failing popularity of the U.S.’s Middle Eastern allies.

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Dr. Shabaneh got it right


How can individuals among a people come to any mutual understanding when there remain such immense differences in the very spiritual, intellectual, and social structures of longstanding yet greatly fragmented perceptual Comprehensions of specific Themes of ongoing Ideas which are always engaging concious and subconcious Actions, more often than not: from Areas in those Hidden Regions just beneath the Surface of the more immediate, more accessible concious Developments of more accurate Understandings which are, yet, too often: left (too hastily) in utter abandonment and neglected at the very doorsteps of ruined houses and hospitals of burning, smoking angers and (medically) untreated hostilities? I base this question on what I am seeing from pictures of Gaza of the various dwellings and other buildings there which are shown as being rendered: to varying degrees of structural damage destroyed even unto the levels of rubble or ruins. Seeing this: My own evolving ‘thought-form’ of Opinion of this Matter is: that, certain forms of Ideologies will still not be able to be used as, once–in former days–they may have been (whether rightly or wrongly)…as symbolic or literal intellectual tools for purposes of ‘(de)fragmenting’ [= ‘aspects of viewpoint’] current and longstanding philosophical differences which are–and have long been: emotionally charged. Another way of mending the (literal or symbolic) wounds will have to be found beyond the old ways of the surface Levels of usual (inter)national Diplomacies which will, because of this, therefore: need to be more deeply researched and rationally accomplished in more precise implementation which will also, perhaps: then begin to reach unto the very depths of a more evolving more objective set of Understandings of all the hidden Causes inherent in the Situation which will answer to the Question as to why what is now occuring is occuring in the specific Way that it is… without allowing further forms of Information to become more increasingly nonconstructive as mere Obscurations of less accurately perceived Opinions which do not–because they cannot–resolve themselves in true Attempts at opening a sincere set of Negotiations.

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