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December 30, 2008
Israeli strikes continue as Hamas refuses to surrender

For the fourth consecutive day, Israel continued to carry out air strikes in Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert called the campaign “the first of several stages.” In response to the ongoing attacks, Hamas fighters launched at least 10 rockets into Israel today.

For more on the violence in Gaza, listen to Worldfocus interviews with experts on the ground in Gaza and surrounding regions.

Aaron David Miller, a public policy fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center, speaks with Martin Savidge about the potential role of the U.S. in the Gaza conflict, and the difficult choices that President-elect Obama will soon have to make.

Richard Weitz, a senior fellow at Hudson Institute, speaks with Martin Savidge about the possibility of an Israeli ground invasion of Gaza.

Michael Wahid Hanna, of the Century Foundation, speaks with Martin Savidge about Egypt’s role in the Hamas-Israel conflict.

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To all humans:
i have nothing againts the jews im only talking about zeionists
1. the nazis dont have anything to do with us so why are u revenging from the palestines and treating every single one of them as if they were aldof hitler?

2. People shud read the palestinian history, how the land was theirs and then more than half of it was invaded by israel.
Imagine you are living peacefully and happily in a little country and suddenly zeionists knock on your door and say you have 6 hours to evacuate ur home, wouldnt you resist? Then they bring tractors and bring down your whole house, honestly what would you do?

Then out of the blue they kill many innocent palestinians, your best friends, your cousins, your parents, your children…etc
wouldnt you just want to revenge and take your land back? Now you have nothing to live for, your whole life was stolen
i would honestly do my best to bring down as many israelis as i can
this is the reason why hamas resists israel
all hamas has is rockets to fire in their stolen land where aliens (zeionists live) did they kill much people? NO
did they fire rockets at temples? or schools? or hospitals? Or universities? How many children did they kill? How many women did they rape? How many jewish civilians did they kill?

the other side has f-16 fighter jets boming as many civilians as they can, tanks, they drop bombs which are internationally illeagal (eg. Cluster bombs which contain 1000 small bombs inside and will kill any person in the 1000m sq radius)
in the end they call you a terrorist and make other people around the world hate you, just like “C. Martin” who commented above has been brain washed by the media

i say again: we did not creat aldof hitler
its not our fault he murdered many jews
we are sory we couldnt stop him so please dont blame it on us

a surprisingly notice is that Osama bin laden is the most wanted man on earth !! Ofcoure it is surprising when you have george bush and olmert still alive who killed more civilians than what binladen has killed!



I am not sure if you will read this or not. However, I am with you on this one.

It is not only tax dollars sent to Israel, there are at least 2 prominent churches in Texas soliciting money from its church members, or church-tv-viewers to send money to the church to support Israel.


As a citizen of the United State, I resent to have my TAX money used to finance deadly Israeli weapons to kill innocent Palestinian children. Israeli aggression is not self-defense, it is greed and a way of life, and it is inhumane. Anyone with an average intelligence can see years of atrocities and the motive behind it. Americans who support the Israeli violence are isolated in the world. Well-informed Americans cannot be deceived by media controlled propagandas.


There’s a famous saying, “those who don’t remember the past are doomed to repeat it.”

Apparently, the JEWS don’t remember what it was like to be in concentration camps. Or, maybe, they are punishing people of color and putting them in the same conditions they were in.

The Jews keep saying “they want to kill us.”

Hopefully I can make some sense out of this, “have you ever wondered why everyone wants to kill you!”

You have the Arabs that hate you, why?
You have Nazi-skinheads that hate you, why?

So, I would like any Jew on this post to explain to me why so many people hate you and want to (as you say) kill you.

Please, let go of the anger, relax, think about it, then come back and answer this question.


Some of the guests on WF need to be challenged in what they say, such as Aaron David Miller. He claims the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is just not that important for the U.S. and Barack Obama. I strongly disagree. The attacks on 9/11 happened precisely because Osama Bin Ladin and others felt that the U.S. was always and unfairly siding with Israel in the conflict with Palestinians. So Afghanistan pales in comparison with US policy towards Israel and Palestinine. Same for Iraq, same for the American economic woes.
One thing Obama needs to do and quickly is to condemn Israel’s use of collective punishment against the Palestinians. The blockade of border entries and the prohibition of food and fuel are good examples.
Now I strongly condemn those few Palestinians firing missiles and rockets into Israeli towns. But I also condemn Israel sending war planes to destroy Palestinian infrastructure such as police stations and the Islamic University. These are acts against the civilian population. Furthermore Israel shows how shameless and cruel it can be when it flies war planes over Gaza terrorizing women, children, innocent civilians. Just like when Israel carpeted southern Lebanon with cluster bombs in an effort to maim, injure and kill Hezbollah children, so is Israel repeating its war crimes with its overflight of screaming war planes.


As a citizen of the United States, Israel know we support you and totally agree with whatever you need to do to protect your country and your people. We love you.

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