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December 29, 2008
Violence in Gaza escalates as Israel mounts attacks

Israel’s air force has bombarded the Gaza Strip for three full days. The country’s defense minister is calling it “a war to the bitter end” against Hamas, the Palestinian militant movement that has ruled Gaza for two years and whose charter calls for Israel’s destruction.

Israel says it is not at war with the people of Gaza but with the Hamas leadership, and that its operation will be “widened and deepened as needed.” Israeli forces have built up along the border.

The Arab world has reacted strongly to the Gaza offensive. Syria has suspended indirect peace talks with Israel. Egypt, while condemning the Israeli assault, has also come under fire from some Arabs and Muslims for its links with Israel, including efforts to extend a six-month cease fire in recent weeks.

For more on the violence in Gaza, see our interview with Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Sallai Meridor. 

Worldfocus speaks with experts on the ground in Gaza and elsewhere about the escalating situation.

Matt Rees, GlobalPost correspondent in Jerusalem

Alon Ben-David, defense correspondent with Channel 10 News in Israel

Fawzi Barhoum, a spokesman for Hamas in Gaza City

Hasan Khalaf, the director general of al-Shifa hospital in Gaza


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Braindead (AnnJello) and Matt,

Are you two married? Your speculations about who am I are very entertaining, but in the process you two clowns completely miss the central issue, which is to condemn terrorism without any conditions. If you are incapable of taking that elementary step, whatever you may have to say is of no value and is to be ignored. Interestingly enough, while spending an inordinate amount of time trying childishly to figure out my group identity, you have not been able to come up with one single argument to counter mine. Proof is here again that if you can’t express yourself in a cogent and fair way, you’re much better shutting up, lest you appear as the braying morons that you are. With that, I am done wasting my time with idiots of your caliber and I bid you adieu. I have better things to do with far more intelligent and worthy people.


Don’t waste your time; apparently Angle is unreasonable and hostile toward life. It is clear that this person is an extremist Jew searching for defenseless victims to abuse.

America’s strength is multiculturalism; many of my colleagues and my students in California are Mexican American, they all denounce Israel’s atrocities.
Thousands of our university students and staff have signed and submitted a formal petition to the UN and the U.S. Congress protesting the recent Israel’s aggression.


I meant to say I am putting you on a time-out.



I know that you’re a man. A Mexican man.

By the way, I am not putting you on a time-out. Your repeated aggression, and hostile behavior calls for me to do just that. When you learn how to control the ever so deep anger, then maybe, like adult, we can return to the table to talk.

That should be one of your first New Year’s Resolution – get control of yourself, your anger, your hostility, and learn to be civil towards others.

Until then, you can stew in your own unhappiness, anger, or whatever happens to be your problem.



Spare the readers of this forum your unbelievable stupidity. Anyone else would be embarrassed in your shoes, but such is the curse of stupid people of your kind that they don’t realize how dumb they are, and they keep piping nonsense all day long, not embarrassed in the least even if they embarrass everybody else. You have no way of knowing if I am a man or a woman, so your gross and repulsive speculations are falling flat. You’re groping in the darkness to which your own thickness confines you. Spare us the spectacle, it’s not pretty. As for your agreeing or not to my definition of genocide, no one on the planet is interested to know whether you agree or not with it, for the simple reason that it is the definition of the Genocide Convention. I doubt that the conference of lawyers and diplomats who worked for years on drafting it very carefully is interested to know that a remarkably stupid woman who has vapid opinions on every topic she knows nothing about doesn’t agree with the definition they have all agreed on. Go back to cleaning toilets, where your sparkling intellect can express itself to an appreciative audience.


Oh Angel,

the Mexicani from U.S., No I don’t agree to your definitions of genocide or concentration camps.

For the record, No, I am not of Arab descent. In addition, I am not pro-Israel nor am I pro-Palestinian. I am, however, pro-humanity.

Is it fair to say, that when I advised you stay away from the little boys at church, your silence is your consent.

Your problem is, not an anger-management problem. I see you have a problem communicating with women. I’m sure you’ve heard this before. You have a problem with women.

Men like you are a danger to society-at-large. You have a problem with women. You endorse the killing & maiming of the Palestinians. Don’t tell me, you have tortured & killed little poor animals when you were a kid!!!!


Matt, you should resent having your (and mine) tax money wasted on supporting the Egyptian regime and hundreds of millions of dollars sent to the Palestinian authority, money that is immedieately stolen by their corrupt leaders or used to fan the flames of hate against Israel instead of building their nation. THAT is money that is completely wasted and misused. You seem to have a good heart and fell the pain of suffering Palestinian children. How sweet of you. The only problem I have with your sweet nature is how selective it is. I don’t hear you making any complaint regarding the thousands of rockets fired for several years over Israeli civilian communities filled with children by Hamas. Israelis never target civilian Palestinians. If the latter are used by Hamas as human shields to protect legitimate military targets, they lose their immunity as civilians, AND the guilty party is Hamas, not Israel. Your brain is not functioning properly when you call self-defense aggression. If I come charging at you with a baseball and try to turn your skull into pulp, will you submit meekly in order to avoid being accused of being aggressive? Are you demented? Anyone who is attacked has the right to defend him- or herself. As for the number Americans who support Israel’s right to exist (something the Palestinians have never done) and its right to defend itself against constant aggression from Hamas, you’re deluded: a recent Pew poll showed that 73% of Americans are firmly behind Israel and support it against Arab aggression. You’re the one sample of poorly-informed Americans, easily manipulated by the Palestinian propaganda, who is in the minority. If you didn’t discriminate, you would have equally condemned the long-standing Hamas rocket attacks and the long-delayed Israeli response. On top of being delusional, you are also dishonest. No surprise there.


Angel, as an educator and a citizen of the United State, I resent to have my TAX money used to finance deadly Israeli weapons to kill innocent Palestinian children. Israeli aggression is not self-defense, it is greed and a way of life, and it is inhumane. Anyone with an average intelligence can see years of atrocities and the motive behind it. Americans who support the Israeli violence are isolated in the world. Well-informed Americans cannot be deceived by media controlled propaganda. We true Americans do not discriminate; it is embarrassing to read some of these comments.



Wrong again. I am not Mexican, I am American. What are you? Palestinian (or at least Arab)? Whatever you are, you really have no brains. I duly notice that you did not respond to my objections to your use of the words “genocide” and “concentration camps”. Silence meaning consent, I take it that you have finally seen the light and that you agree with my conclusions. Good move. And good luck in 2009. You’re going to need a lot of it.



I forgot, now that I know you’re Mexican & Catholic – Happy New Year to you also

Just, stay away from the little boys at the Church!!!


Oh Angel,

Such a hostile, agressive Mexican you are?

Maybe there is no such difference between you and the Jews after all. So hostile, and bully type behaviors.

You can call me any name you want. Words doesn’t hurt me.

Interesting to know that such bad manners come out of religion.


Annjell (funny name given that if there is obviously one thing that is not jelling at all, it is your brain, but I digress…),

I would encourage you to do some research before opening your big mouth and using terms that tou do not understand. Starting with the last one, you need to look up the definition of Genocide. According to the Convention Against Genocide, it is the systematic physical elimination of the members of a group defined by race, religion or any other criteria. By that standard, only blockheads of your kind will see a genocide where there isn’t any. The Israeli army carefully targets Hamas terrorists and takes them out, as any belligerent does in any war. But it is complicated here by the disgusting habit of Hamas to hide behind its own civilians and its own civilan buildings in the even more sickening hope of drawing Israeli fire in order to have more PR material to provide to the international media, which are in turn all too happy to feed from that material like wild dogs without being too fussy about the reliability of the sources. If Israel wanted to commit a genocide, it would have been done a long time ago and Gaza would look like Dresden after the WWII bombing by now. Do we have 100,000 casualties? Even a thick skull like you should be able to read the news, which all agree that over 300 people on the Palestinian side have been killed so far, 90% of them Hamas troops, BY the Palestinians’ OWN admission. So when you toss out words bigger than your pee-brain, the only result is that you look like the idiot that you are.

Now, you’ve said so many stupid things in your several messages that it would take me all night to refute them all, and I have better things to do than trying to correct the limited perceptions of a retard, so let me just focus on another one of your clever use of words that you do not understand: concentration camps. Have you been to Auschwitz, Dachau, Büchenwald, Treblinka, Maidanek, and hundreds of others? Do you know what was happening there? The prisoners were not fed, clothed and educated by an international relief agency solely dedicated to their safety and well-being, as UNWRA does for the all-too coddled Palestinians. They did not receive convoy after convoy on a daily basis of trucks filled with international relief. They were EXTERMINATED. THAT’S what a concentration camp is and does. So for God’s sake stop using words that are way beyond your capacity to grasp and that you throw around without any understanding of what they mean. There are already too many not-so usefull idiots like you around.

And before you keep slipping down the slippery slope of openly anti-semitic and racist comments, you’ll be interested to know that I am Catholic, not Jewish. Another traits of people with limited intelligence of your sort is to make stupid assumptions about things or situations they are incapable of understanding. My advice to you would be that you just shut up and save yourself from appearing even more limited than you already have.

With that, I wish you a happy new year.




I just took a minute to see your comments-

Do you realize you just said, “It’s time to eliminate them.”

Do you realize that once you post something on the web, it’s there forever?

So, you are admitting what most Americans have been saying, this is GENOCIDE? You are admitting that this is premeditated mass murder?


Okay, let’s make sure I got this right. God gave you the land, but it wasn’t until the late 40’s that you got your land back? So, it wasn’t because no one wanted to accept you, so the Arabs agreed to let you take up residence there!

At least the U.S. had it right in regards to slavery – the black slaves was at least part of a person.

But dang, you guys make sure the Palestinians are not human – no country, no identity, no nothing!!!

So, okay, it amounts to one or two things, either the Jews are racists, hate people of color
they are Slave Masters!!!

Give me a break!


To Angel,

I won’t stoop to your level of mess by mispelling your name.

However, people are starting to realize how you JEWS have your modern day CONCENTRATION CAMPS that you like to hide under he guise of refugee camps.

You want people to believe that you are the best thing that happened to the Palestinians – Let them out of those Concentration Camps –

You should have a better understanding, and know how it feels to be in concentration camps.

STOP the HATE – you can’t continue to live your lives punishing people for the past – the Palestinians didn’t put you in Concentration Camps – oh, I forgot, you guys like to prey on the weak.

But don’t forget, you are surrounded by Arabs whether you like it not. You are surrounded by people that hate you. Maybe you should take a good look at yourself, do some soul searching, relax, and you decide if you want to live under those conditions.

BTW, in Europe, they are boycotting Israeli goods!!! Hahaha


What country except Israel would have shown such restraint for so painfully long against Hamas and their murderous missle attacks against civilian Israeli cities. Hamas has hidden among the civilian population in Gaza and used their own people as a shield to hide behind. They are hideous criminals and need to be rooted out. Sadly, the Gaza civilizans will be used by Hamas as victims by the media when they are victims of Muslim fascists.


Yeah okay, you have a right to self-defense. Seems like you guys have more than an anger management problem. You guys are psycopaths!!!

But you know what? Just like you boo-hoo over the holocast, that gives you the right to cause holocast of the Palestinians.

The day will come for you. Just like you were able to sue the European government for your sufferings, the day will come when someone from the Middle East will sue you just as well, and take everything you own.

You have cities in Israel for the Israelis that look like you live in luxury – yet, the Palestinians are living in slum.

Are you sure it’s God, the Bible that’s causing you to harbor so much hatred towards mankind – you sure it’s not the devil?

That’s the problem, you guys use the Bible & God as a front for your wrongdoings. What God & Bible are you referring to?

You wonder why the people are out to kill you, have you thought about the killings you have done?

Oh, I guess not, because pure evil doesn’t have a soul, no guilt, no shame – just Greed, power trips.


Israel has the right to self defense – like any nation in the world. Hamas has been firing rockets into Israeli civilian population centers – thousands of rockets. Imagine living in Sderot – where your children can’t even play outside the house because at any moment a rocket can kill them. Enough is enough. Dayenu. If the rest of the world can’t understand this, then they haven’t learned anything since the Holocaust.


Anyell (or whatever),

The fact of the matter is that you clearly do not know what you’re talking about. You are a brainwashed parrot who typically regurgitates the Palestinian propaganda: “boo-hoo, we are poor innocent people who have never hurt a fly and it is them mean Israelis who are always persecuting us”. And on and on with the sob stories about the little girls and other civilians casulaties, ignoring voluntarily the fact that it is Hamas who has been attacking Israel relentlessly for the last three years. When you attack someone, be prepared for a response. The people responsible for the death of every civilians in Gaza are the Hamas people. If you have complains to lodge in this respect, you talk to them. The fact that you refuse to acknowledge their responsibility in triggering this war shows how uselessly biased you are, and therefore how irrelevant your opinion has become. You do belong to the caravan of barking dogs that is currently yapping at Israel when, if they had any brains that is, they should yapping at Hamas. All you’re proving is that it is pointless to discuss with brainwashed zombies such as Hamas and all their supporters, and therefore that Israel is – finally – doing the right thing, which is to physically eliminate them. When you have a cancer, you have two choices: let it grow and it kills you, or excise it before it spreads and kill you. The time for excision is long overdue. The cancer must be eliminated. And it will be.


God gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people.

Not to the pseudo Palestinians.

Israel is the only place on earth that was given their land by Almighty God with the deed to the land recorded in the Holy Bible.

Genesis 15:18
In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying,“Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the Eurphrates.

Genesis 17:8
And I will give unto thee and to thy seed after thee, the land wherein thou art a stranger, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession, and I will be their God.

Before the U.N. declared Israel a nation in 1948 the muslims who lived there were insulted if you called them a Palestinian because that is also what the Jews were being called at the time.

It wasn’t until the 1960’s that the muslims changed their strategy and began calling themselves Palestinians.

The land was given the name Palestine after the Jews ancient enemy the Philistines by the Emperor Hadrian after a revolt in 135 AD.

Then in the early 1960’s the muslim’s got an idea to claim that they were the poor displaced Palestinians by the mean ole Jews so they could secretly try and finish the job Adolph Hitler didn’t that he called his Final Solution.

The bottom line here, is that the muslims want to drive the Jews to the sea and take over Israel completely.

And the main-stream media played right into it and bought the pseudo Palestinian lie hook, line and sinker.

A Bible believing Christian knows the truth regarding the land simply by reading their Bible.

Apparently George Bush must read from a really bizarre muslim friendly translation or he would never have gone there to talk them into giving up their land.

The muslims already have 22 countries that surround little Israel.

If it was really about the pseudo Palestinians having a home, one of those 22 muslim countries could easily do that for them.

But its not about them having a home, its about them wanting to destroy all the Jews.

The muslims refer to America as the great satan and they refer to Israel as the little satan.

Another Holy Scripture worth noting for anyone who is against Israel and have taken the side of the pseudo Palestinians is a warning from Almighty God.

God said,“And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee, and in thee shall all the families be blessed.”
Genesis 12:3

And again God said,“The land shall not be sold for ever, for the land is Mine, for ye are strangers and sojourners with Me.”
Leviticus 25:23

One more important fact is that the name Jerusalem is all through the Holy Bible but it is NO where written in the muslim koran, And I mean NO WHERE.

I even ran across a website online where a man was offering 1 million dollars to anyone who can show him the name Jerusalem in the koran.

Further more, mohammed was never in Jerusalem period.

The muslims made up that lie to justify them taking over the TEMPLE MOUNT.

But you probably already know all that.

It appears we are getting very close to the End of Days.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Psalm 122.6


To Angel, the name is Ann-jell, not like yell, but jell.

I was brought up, that if someone don’t want you around, stay away.

Why don’t the Israelis go where they are wanted? The U.S. is a strong ally, surely, we’d take them in. Other than that, stay there, and fear for your life for the rest of your life. No one’s putting you in harms way if you decide to ignore warnings.


As far as the neighboring Arab countries, that doesn’t have anything to do with me.

We still have the Katrina victims here in the U.S. that are still displaced – we as citizens have helped as much as we could, as well as people from foreign countries – so ask me why doesn’t my government make them whole again? Yet, still send aid to other countries!

You have these people confined, controlled movement, the kids don’t know how to live a normal life as we know it.

When you lock someone up like a caged animal, how do you expect them to behave. You raise someone up in an institution (orphanage, juvenile system, foster care) how do you expect them to behave.

No matter how you spin it, this is wrong. Haven’t you heard of treat people the way you want to be treated? Haven’t you heard of love your enemies?

These people are not given a chance, starting from the birth, they don’t even have a nationality or a country according the law, if they travel it can only list Israel not Palestine.

It’s sad, because there are people who wouldn’t treat a dog the way these people are treated.


To respond to the people on this post that seem to feel I don’t know what I am talking about.

go to then pull up the link “Slowly Dying is Useless Listening In Gaza.”

You will see 5 little girls, DEAD, from the Israeli attacks. **This is from an Italian from Human Rights Defenders.

Then pull up the link “Israeli Navy Attack & Wound Dignity in International Waters.” on this boat, there’s a former U.S. Rep, doctors, CNN’s Karl Penhaul, they sent out SOS’ saying they were fired upon by the Israeli Navy, the boat was rammed, they were turned away.

There are lots of people there on the ground from Human Rights Defenders, there’s lots of videos & pix,

Now you want me to listen to your spin. No Thanks!!!


Anjell, your bad faith (or your myopia) are a bit much. Hamas has only one goal: destroy Israel and kill Jews. When you have a guy with a gun shooting at you, you shoot back and you take him out before he gets you. Israel waited patiently for several years and thousands of rockets before reacting with well-deserved force. This is something that no other country on earth would have put up with for so long. Hamas fully deserves to be obliterated. Incidentally, that’s the only way the Palestinians themselves can hope to reach peace one day. As long as they’re led by a bunch of fanatical, homicidal and genocidal maniacs, they’re going to suffer more deaths and more pain. As for the proportionality, which is what you implied was needed to be shown by the Israelis, hello? There is no proportionality in war. There is only one possible outcome: the defeat of either one of the two adversaries. For that to happen, one or the other needs to apply overwhelming (and vastly disproportionate) force to win. That’s what the Israelis are doing (they could actually do a lot more), and they’re right to do it.


Anjell, you analogies dont hold. A bomb is not a slap in the face. Either be willing to stand near to an exploding Kassam, or do not criticize at all.


If one wants to know the truth and the actual #’s, go to this website –

If people did their homework, they would know there is no such thing as an “occupation.” International law (United Nations) requires military oversight to a region where people are NOT residents nor citizens. Unlike the Palestinians in Israel, who are legal citizens, those in the West Bank and Gaza must be managed by what International Law defines as military oversight. NOT occupation….poor understanding of the situation if people think this to be true. No wonder the world sees this situation with such distortion.

If one’s ex-boyfriend came back ‘daily’ for 8 years and beat thrm up, don’t you think they showed enough constraint? One would, hopefully, call the police and have him jailed for his on-going abuse. The victim, would grow weary. Lobbing missiles is NOT like a slap in the face.

I was in Gaza two years ago and the West Bank in early December. HAMAS, the PA and the entire Muslim world allow their poor Palestinian brothers and sisters to live in abject poverty. You should ask a few Palestinians what they really think of this and you will get the shock of your life. They hate their government and want to live in peace and have a good life. Their own leadership will not let them have it. They wonder where their Arab brothers are who live in wealth and never send a dime. Do you know the Persian Gulf has never sent any money at all? Then, Israel gets condemned for rationing. The enemy feeds them. Does Allah want his children to starve while the royal families live opulent lifestyles? Please.

Most people read/watch the media and believe what they see and hear. Few filter for truth, fairness and balance in reporting. Little of that is being done. The Islamists use corrupted media to harm Israel. I wonder when people will look at the entire scenario and actually take the time to read the history of Hamas and Fatah in this region to truly understand it?

At the end of the day, most people really don’t care about truth. They err on the side of sensationalism. Emotions are stirred and truth is ignored. Ignorance abounds. How sad!


Okay, for the people siding with Israel, there’s no justification for this.

I am getting the impression that if someone slaps you in the face, it’s okay to stab them with a knife or shoot them with a gun.

We understand that there have been rockets coming into Israel. But how many Israelis have died from the rockets in the past few months? Certainly, it is nowhere near genocidal levels.

Within two days, over 300 people have been killed and thousands more injured, in which, most aren’t expected to live.

Here in America, we would call that mass murder, killing spree, murderous rampage…, I’m just saying, it looks like somewhere have flew over the coo coo’s nest here. This is more than just an eye for an eye.

Besides, the Israeli soldiers can enter Gaza at any time since their under occupation, couldn’t you guys have just went in and physically removed the Hamas leaders/members? I mean you have a room that monitors every step the make – technology.

So yes, it definitely looks like this was ethnic cleansing, genocide….but, that’s my opinion. And I’m sure a lot of other people agree with me.

That’s like an ex-boyfriend who wanted to hurt me, but, burns down my house with me and all my family in it. This is what it amounts to, taking it out on any and everyone in the way in order to get back at me.


The show is awesome, very informative.

Most of us already know that Israel is supplying them with some of the necessities. However, these people are being issued necessities by way of rationing. Come on, these people (Palestinians) are not crack heads, or alcoholics where you can throw out a little and say, “Okay, get out of here.”

By the way, because Israel control the press entering Gaza, if someone has pictures of the refugee camps people can make their own decisions if Israel is the greatest thing to happen to the Palestinians.


8 years Israel has restrained itself while being lobbed with missiles, often 4-8 a day, and finally they defend themselves and the media calls it a seize? I think reporting should be done with fairness and honesty. Any educated person knows that terrorists use the media as their greatest weapon against Israel. Will the real media stand up please?


If you could mention that Israel restrained itself while its citizens were being selected to be bombarded with countless missles AND that Israel was supplying all of Gaza’s foodstuffs, medical needs, and fuel (without taxes), then maybe you would not look so biased against Israel.

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