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December 29, 2008
Monday, December 29, 2008

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not too biased are you? You are willfully and blindly overlooking the initiation of aggression by the leaders of Palestine. Leaders it’s people selected. What would you do if you were in the shoes of Israel… oh wait, I think I can answer that one for you… you would probably throw yourself into the sea with a large stone tied about your ankles.



In response to this

“richard berube Says:

way to go Israel in Gaza, by continuing to kill your neighbours like that you will finally be able to live in peace alone, with your friends in the U.S.A. A historic of 8000 years being unable to live in peace with the people around you. Find the error. the only error is that the USA is backing Israel unconditionnaly so this little country can continue to haras everybody around. this is only pathetic and Martin Savidge the anchorman is in admiration with the jewish crime against humanity……”

What are you smoking? Have you even listened to any news over the past few weeks?

Israel has been repeatedly hit by rockets. They have called for an end to it. The answer, clear answer from Hamas, has been “we will never seek peace”. So, how does a country deal with a neighbor who so blatantly oppose them with constant rocket fire, killing the Israeli civilians in the most cowardly way?

Crime against humanity?


ONCE again Israel seeks to defend the indefensible in an attempt to cloak its crimes against humanity with the mantle of self-defense. As its American-manufactured bombs and missiles pound a virtually unarmed starving population, Israeli officials appear on just about every satellite news network singing from the same propagandist song sheet.
It’s all the fault of the terror organization Hamas which refused to renew the cease-fire, “ ‘We have a duty to protect our citizens in the south from rockets and mortars”. I’ve heard several saying “When we pulled out of Gaza we hoped Palestinians would forge a functioning territory but instead they chose terror”. In answer to questions concerning so many civilian deaths, they all insist that Israel is carrying out surgical strikes against “terror infrastructure” or they will excuse Israel’s bombardment of homes with “civilians are hiding launchers in their houses”.
Israel’s former ambassador to the United Nations Dan Gillerman seemed nonplussed when one interviewer asked him whether the seven dead UNWRA student employees were launching missiles too.
Predictably, these merchants of untruths are given free rein to spin on most Western networks and disproportionate airtime as opposed to pro-Palestinian commentators.
Let’s dissect these fabricated Israeli arguments.
First, whatever one thinks of Hamas and it ideology, it was elected to office in free and internationally-monitored elections that were forced upon the Palestinian people by Washington as part of the Bush administration’s quest to democratize the Middle East.
Then, after congratulating the Palestinians on their new democracy, the US-led international community promptly condemned the new leadership as terrorist and threw its support behind Fatah, which was “ordered” to turn against Hamas. This divisive strategy worked to the extent Hamas was driven to Gaza where it has since struggled against all odds to provide its citizens with the barest minimum required to sustain life.
Those representatives of Israel who say since their country’s pullout there was no obstacle to Gaza becoming a flourishing enclave are disingenuous when Gaza’s borders are sealed and the people have no control over their coastline or airspace.
Even when the Fatah-controlled Palestinian National Authority managed Gaza, Israel did everything it could to destroy infrastructure including a $75 million airport built with donations from the EU, Japan and Morocco. And during this recent round of attacks, ministries, government buildings, police stations and a police academy were bombed which does not support Israel’s supposed wish to see a functioning Gaza.
While it is true that Hamas refused to extend the cease-fire, what incentive does it have to do so while Israel is waging a war of attrition on the people in its care? It seems residents of Gaza must choose to die slowly from starvation and lack of medicines or at the hands of the Israeli war machine. Secondly, Israel is, indeed, duty-bound to protect its citizens but just look at the numbers. Very few crude home-made rockets have resulted in casualties. I believe only one Israeli has died during this current onslaught that has robbed the lives of over 320 Palestinians and wounded up to 1,000; not including those still buried beneath rubble. Once more, Israel’s response has been disproportionate just as it was in 2006 when it slaughtered 1,200 Lebanese civilians in answer to Hezbollah’s kidnapping of IDF soldiers.
Third, when it comes to Gaza, said to be one of the most densely-populated areas of the world, there is no such thing as a surgical strike. Moreover, over half of Gaza’s population are children under 18. Even the smartest smart bombs could not cherry-pick between resistance fighters and innocents in such a packed environment. The Israeli government knows this and doesn’t care a jot, which translates to willful collective punishment, illegal under the Fourth Geneva Convention.
But like its Washington master (or is it the other way around?) Israel is not constrained by international law or the Geneva Conventions that also require an occupying nation to provide for the well being of people under its occupation and to respect their dignity. As the willful killing continues, Israel merrily ignores pleas from France, Russia, the UN, the EU and Britain to end the violence. Why should it do otherwise when it has proved time and time again that it is a law unto itself and immune from international punishment?
Unsurprisingly, the only message from the US to Israel is “try to avoid civilian casualties”, which is nothing more than lip service to international humanitarian sensitivities. In effect, the Bush administration has blessed this, by many accounts, long planned operation, cynically timed to begin during a political vacuum in Washington and close to upcoming elections when candidates need to prove they’re tough to win votes. Tragically, there may be much worse to come. Israeli government officials including Defense Minister Ehud Barak has warned the offensive could be widened as tanks line up on the border with Gaza and 6,500 IDF reservists are on standby.
Tomorrow, the Arab League is holding an emergency summit of foreign ministers to discuss the crisis. If only they will decide to do more than issue a joint statement of condemnation this time. Together they have so much clout. Now is the time for all Arab countries to gather together as one nation to say “enough is enough” before the streets of Gaza run with the blood of their desperate brothers and sisters. As the West closes its eyes and ears to Palestinian cries for help Arab leaders should heed the outraged voices on their own streets and act. Finally, the governments of Egypt and Jordan should do some soul-searching. Should they continue with peace agreements made in all good faith with a selfish, cruel state bent on destroying a people for its own ends?


Woe to him that buildeth a town with blood, and stablish a city by iniquity!
Woe to him that increaseth that which is not his!


On Israel: From the beginning of this matter, Israel has been clearly explaining the reasonings behind its actions and has done nothing in secret. When questioned, the Israelis answer plainly and in the open. In other words, they have spoken openly to the world even unto the depths and heights of all the regions of all those places where people of all nations continue to live out their every day lives in the midst of widely varying circumstances allowing all to, again, renew their more objective thinking while giving them, once again, every opportunity to fairly assess and precisely examine the full scope and true nature of what is being said and done in as accurate detail as possible. Ask those most closely involved in the situation and they will know what is being said and why that which is being done is being done just as it is and not in some other way.
Israel has said nothing in secret. If Israel has spoken wrongly, testify to the wrong (while basing yourself, however, on the true long substantianted facts long involved in the situation and not so much on supposed facts as are being ever presented by way of biased ideological hostilities). But if Israel has spoken rightly, why are they being struck, repeatedly, with unending hostilities? Any peace in the Middle East could only arise from being utterly impartial while observing the words and actions of all those involved while being merciful to the people most engaged in the actual situation. Yet if these latter things cannot be done, then no purely human effort will ever bring about any lasting peace to the region but only temporary intermittent periods of a tense–yet, perhaps, protractible–truce as can be seen, even today, in locations such as the dividing line(DMZ) between North and South Korea. People may have cessations of Strife while remaining, militarily, armed… but could any of these temporal armed cessations ever be, truly, called: …Peace? Perhaps, we may–and should!– inquire of that very One who–from ancient times…as written in the scroll of the ancient prophet Isaiah–was described and named: “Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace”?

For the Gazans: (Also, from the Prophet Isaiah:)
This could be one possible interpretation of the circumstances…as applied slightly
allegorically…yet, in a way: quite literally:
“The vision of all this has become for you like the words of a sealed document. If it is given to those who can read, with the command, “”Read this,” they say, “”We cannot, for it is sealed.”
And if it is given to those who cannot read, saying, “”Read this,”, they say, “”We cannot read.”” A possible scenario hidden in this interpretation of this passage may be that the Gazan people themselves may, quite well, be able: to “intelligently read the nature of the current situation” in a “perceptual literal physical way” as it is being experienced by them but due to the varying forms of matters–concerning some words spoken, some official documents variously interpreted in, only: partial (or, in totally: aspects of non-)agreement and other actions as taken being somewhat indiscriminately disseminated from some of their leaders–are not (or, are not fully able, presently: to be entirely) discerning in the most accurate manner concerning the full range of all that is inherent in the full scope of the many ramifications which describe the matter at hand. In other words, the matter(s) at hand may have (aspects of) a possible “sealed” nature–on many levels–about it in some way(s).


It seems that as the first decade of this new millennium draws to a close, major changes are occurring worldwide, which, hopefully, will bring an end to decades of tension and crisis. It is happening between India and Pakistan, and now between Israel and the Gaza Strip. It is sad but inevitable that lives will have to be lost on all sides for the world to recognize that peaceful co-existence is the only solution.


way to go Israel in Gaza, by continuing to kill your neighbours like that you will finally be able to live in peace alone, with your friends in the U.S.A. A historic of 8000 years being unable to live in peace with the people around you. Find the error. the only error is that the USA is backing Israel unconditionnaly so this little country can continue to haras everybody around. this is only pathetic and Martin Savidge the anchorman is in admiration with the jewish crime against humanity……

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