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December 26, 2008
Pakistani troops head to Indian border

According to unnamed intelligence officials, Pakistan’s 14th army division is being reployed to the towns of Kasur and Sialkot along Pakistan’s border with India. Meanwhile, one eyewitness reported seeing trucks loaded with soldiers heading away from the town of Dera Ismail Khan near Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan. 

Moving Pakistani troops away from the Aghan border could impact efforts in the region to fight the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Recently, the Pakistani-Afghan border has been the scene of intense fighting between the Pakistani army and Taliban and al-Qaeda militants. The army has been credited with making gains there.

Selig Harrison, the director of the Asia Program at the Center for International Policy, joins Daljit Daliwal to discuss the significance of the Pakistani troop movements, India’s response and how the movements will impact the war on terror as U.S. President-elect Barack Obama prepares to assume office.




six months down the line, after the interview , it is clear that both countries has rightly refrained, from creating the war hysteria. The needs of the population of South Asia are education, health, and of course war against poverty, and not a war of indo Pak.


This is a drama we are all fed up of. About time both sides see reality and start worrying about the curse politicians are earning on both sides from their people for their unending insecurity,deprivation and poverty.
Let global arms peddlers stop all supplies to both the countries.Global State players are culpable in keeping our two countries at war.Enough is enough let our coming generations see some order and semblence of stability.

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