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December 12, 2008
Week in review: Afghanistan, Pakistan and Zimbabwe

Carla Robbins of The New York Times and Gideon Rose of Foreign Affairs magazine join Martin Savidge to discuss the week’s top stories.

They discuss U.S. plans to move more troops into Afghanistan, Pakistani leader Asif Ali Zardari’s claims that he is taking steps against terrorism amid questions about his government’s effectiveness and Zimbabwe’s continued cholera crisis.




Pakistan/Afghanistan can never be successful democracies because democracy only works in societies that value liberty, individual rights, peace and progress. Pakistan is being held together by its army, hatred and Islamist ideology. Oil money funded Islamic organizations continue to brainwash the gullible. The world has to slowy but surely Disarm and Dismantle Pakistan into smaller states based on ethnic origin. This will give its people a sense of ethnic/geographic identity and reduce the scale of risk. Let’s stop wasting money on these failed states.


Nice analysis about Pakistan.In order to stem out religious extremism from the region,there is also a need to decentralize powers to the various provinces.This will strengthen secular progressive and secular forces in North West Frontier Province.


Hi Martin,
I am tired of Carla Robbins justifying the war in Afghanistan. She said it was the “good war.” Nothing can ever be solved by guns, tanks and missiles. I was disappointed in you not challenging her bellicose and facetious comments. War is never the answer.
Journalists like you have a duty to viewers to challenge guests who say silly baseless things. Does Carla Robbins really think that killing Taliban members will “win” the war in Afghanistan? She at least admitted the “colalteral damage” from those reckless US warplanes must stop, but she continues to back US invasion and military action.
Tell me one war that was “justified.” Please don’t say WWII where the UD bombed Dresden, Hamburg and Berlin, killing in each city more than 30 thousand civilians.
Roberto Antonio Hussein in Utah


Dear Mr. Martin Savidge:
For the past couple of weeks I am watching “Worldfocus” news on channel 8.2 daily. I am very surprised to hear about “Islamic terrorism” all the times plus the recent attacks in Mumbai and so much negative views about Pakistan, its government and army as well. I am deeply disturbed by the deadliest attacks on innocent people of Mumbai. But I never heard about what India is doing in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir. Can you tell me what is the purpose of “Five Consulate Offices” in Afghanistan. How many Afghans are travelling to India every day? These consulate Offices are the terrorist stations who are resposible to provide funds and weapons to the extremists to destablise the Pakistan by means of bombing and suicide attacks. Do you know who is responsible for this? India, India and India? Pakistan is a victim of terrorism as well in the name of “War against terrorism.” Please do not forget about the “Hindos Terrorism” within India, Pakistan and Kashmir. You should speak about those atrosities what Hindos brought to Indian Muslims, Christian, Sikhs and other minorities. I think you need to read Late President Nixon’s book as well. You will find the ugly face of India there quite clearly. Please do not target all the time ISI and army as well. These are forces who fought Afghan war on behalf of USA against Soviet Union to kick them out of Afghanistan. At that time US called them “Heros and Mujahideen,” and now they are all terrorist. We must think about this. why we have such bad outcomes? We can’t win war with weapon alone. We need some serious thoughts and talk as well. Now Bush and his company admitting openly that they had made many mistakes. At what cost? Please look around the World, you will find the answers loud and clear. The dollars, what we have spend on throwing bombs and killing innocent people, need here right in the United States for health care, education, jobs, and so many great programs in order to be the most properous country in the World. Now our hopes are tied with Obama, but honestly I don’t think he would be able to clear up the mess created by the Bush within the United States and around the World.

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