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December 8, 2008
Boy’s death sparks violent riots in Greece

Riots in Athens caused widespread damage.

Riots in Thessaloniki, Greece.

On Saturday, riots broke out in Greece following the shooting of a 15-year-old boy by police in the Exarchia neighborhood of Athens. Rioters have not ceased, and have burned cars and smashed windows. Officers involved in the shooting were arrested.

The boy was killed in an area known as a base for anarchist groups, and since his death, hundreds of youth have rioted in the cities of Athens, Thessaloniki and Chania. Police used tear gas on youth who were throwing stones.

After Greek police shot and killed a minor in 1985, police and anarchists clashed for months.

Blogger “Teacher Dude” writes that his city of Thessaloniki resembles a war zone, smelling of burning plastic. He says unemployment and poor prospects for youth have contributed to rising tensions in the country.

Blogger “Kat,” an American living in Athens, argues that two wrongs don’t make a right, writing that the violence will hurt the Greek economy and tourism industry.

A Kiwi living in Chania writes at the “One Day in Hania” blog that police are poorly trained and that parents should be more involved in their children’s lives, also worrying about how the riots will impact the country’s economy.

Athenian blogger “EllasDevil” implies that anarchists are using the boy’s death as an excuse to cause senseless damage.

Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis condemned the violence and promised swift action against the policemen involved in Saturday’s shooting. At least 20 protesters have been taken in for questioning.

Photos courtesy of Flickr users magicasland and  murplej@ne under a Creative Commons license.

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Here in the U.S. we have an economic meltdown. However, the poor have learned from the Rodney King police beating incident, that if you burn your cities, businesses may not want to rebuild there again.
I understand their is despair there, but, no one understands how bad it is here either. Remember, the U.S. led the economic downturn that have spread to other countries. We just try to take each day at a time.


A smart government has zero tolerance on rioters it isn’t necessary to riot. maybe they want ban on their products

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