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December 5, 2008
Brazil recovers from its own “Hurricane Katrina”


Flooding in Itajai has left much of the Brazilian city underwater.

Floods in Brazil have killed at least 117 and driven more than 100,000 from their homes. Now, victims are beginning to return home, and President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has pledged to help rebuild the worst-hit areas.

Several months’ worth of rain fell on Brazil in under a week, leaving parts of the southern state of Santa Catarina underwater.

Global Voices Online posts accounts of Portuguese-language bloggers in affected areas — some forced to leave their homes — here and here.

The “Luz e Estilo” blog posts photos from Itajai, a city in Santa Catarina that witnessed some of the worst flooding.

The Itajai city government set up an information blog in the wake of the floods.

Blogger “Gschineider” visits Itajai and writes that people are trying to return to normal, though wary of continuing rain.

Blogger “Gringa in Rio” calls the floods the “Brazilian Katrina” and suggests that global warming is at fault.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user emarquetti under a Creative Commons license.

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