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December 2, 2008
U.S. and India evaluate Pakistan’s influence on terrorists

India maintains that Pakistan’s soft stance on terrorism allowed for the Mumbai attacks and is now demanding that Pakistan hand over terror suspects.

Jeff Stein of Congressional Quarterly continues the discussion of Pakistan’s possible role in last week’s Mumbai attacks, evaluating the ability and willingness of Pakistani officials to help fight terrorism in the region.


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mr jeff stein”s comments were very good. one of the best thing he said was not only of usa informing india of a possible attak( by sea) from pakistan. jeff stein was correct in asking what did the american s do with Pakistan, did they inform them.if it turns out they did inform pakistan(no nes to that effect sofar in news bulletins) and pakistan did not or would not prevent the attack then it is a whole big ball game.did usa inform PAKISTAN about impending attackon mumbai when they informed india inone or two months before. ihope some news organisation go deeper and find the truth

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