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December 1, 2008
Pirates overshadow humanitarian crisis in Somalia

Though news of piracy has dominated headlines worldwide, ongoing fighting in Somalia — a result of a power vacuum and conflict between warlords and insurgents — has displaced over 400,000 Somalis and left millions hungry.

The United Nations estimates that 3.25 million Somalis, or 43 percent of the population, will require food aid until the end of the year.

The number of Somalis requiring humanitarian assistance doubled in 2008 and continues to climb. Aid workers have also come under fire. As of Oct. 27, 30 aid workers had been killed and another 10 kidnapped.

Zam Zam Abdullahi Abdi once counseled victims of violence at a hospital in Mogadishu run by the Africa Union Peacekeeping Mission in Somalia — coming face to face with women and children who face rape and deadly beatings. She left Somalia after receiving death threats, and now joins Martin Savidge to discuss Somalia’s plight.


Photos by Abukar Albadri




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[…] Pirates overshadow humanitarian crisis in Somalia […]

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