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November 27, 2008
Islamist group claims responsibility for Mumbai attacks

A relatively unknown group calling itself the Deccan Mujahideen has claimed responsibility for attacks in Mumbai that killed over 100 people.

This would not be the first time Muslim extremists have targeted Mumbai. A group called the Indian Mujahideen took responsibility for a series of blasts earlier this year.

Jeff Stein, who follows national security matters for Congressional Quarterly and writes a column called “Spy Talk,” speaks with Martin Savidge about the relationship between these groups and earlier warnings about threats to Mumbai. They also discuss tense Pakistan-India relations and the implications of the attacks for U.S. security.

Two eyewitness accounts are below the video.


Here are two eyewitness accounts:

Ankur Chawla, a staff trainee at the Taj Mahal Hotel, survived the attacks and speaks about his experience. Rich Diffenderffer, an American businessman from Wilmington, Del., was on the fifth floor of the Taj Mahal Hotel when the terrorists struck.
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Sir, Mumbai Attacks have yet again created tension in south-asia.
India has finally provided the official dossier[1] to Pakistani Govt
on January 5, 2009, which allegedly contains facts.

The Pakistani Govt is preparing official reply, however, various
Pakistani analysts are also analyzing this dossier. It turn out that
official dossier contain many factual errors. Unfortunately much
material is in Urdu, but following link is quite comprehensive:

you can skip to page-13 and specially for Dossier analysis skip to
page-66. All I can say, security agencies (like CIA, Mossad, RAW) in
order for __greater good__** kill their own people to create a bigger

Sir, It should be noted that India-Pakistan tension is not just this
terrorism issue but it is infact beyond that. For example, violation
of “Indus Water Treaty”[2] by building “Baglihar Dam”[3] in the
southern Doda district in Indian Occupied Kashmir, over Chenab river.

It is really unfortunate that in-competent Pakistani Govt didn’t took
stand on this issue[4] (an alleged US-Govt pressure was also

This leads to following questions:

(1) Don’t you think that Stealing the water of Chenab River is a
threat to Pakistani Agriculture and Pakistani Nation?
and is an example of “state sponsored” terrorism from India?

(2) How can peace process be continued with this back-stabbing?


** possibly to justify their existence and high funding






Because Helal, Jihad & terrorism are part & parcel of Islam. Where is the condemnation on the part of Muslims for this outrage. Even you, don’t express grief for the victims.


Great point, Helal.

Though the terrorists would probably call themselves Islamic, despite the contradictions you or I would see.


Dear Sir/Madam,

Why the media called “Islamic Terrorists” or “Islamic Group”? If you do then, also call “Christian Terrorist” or “Jews Terrorist”. A terrorist does not have any religion or believe in any religions.

Please do not cause any more problem – we already have enough.

Helal Ahmed

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