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November 26, 2008
Russian president makes first trip to Venezuela

Russian president Dmitry Medvedev makes his first visit to Venezuela to meet with Hugo Chávez. The countries will hold joint military exercises in the Caribbean Sea.

Nikolas Kozloff, the author of “Revolution, South America and the Rise of the New Left,” speaks with Martin Savidge about the importance of Medvedev’s visit and how it affects the U.S. and other countries in the western hemisphere.


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What a remarkably simple-minded and back-assed analysis. Russian “push back” has little to do with the missile defense as it does with the reactionary forces of Putin and his KGB cohorts suddenly flush with petrodollars and a desire to re-establish the Russia of old. Mr Kozloff profoundly faulty analysis ignores the 50 year iron grip of the Soviet Union over Eastern Europe and its new designs on that part of the world. The missile defense was never directed at them and they know it. As for Chavez, he has always been an anti-democratic thug who burst on the scene with an failed coup 20 years ago against a nascent Venezuelan democracy. His faux populist nonsense was aided by the disorganized inept democratic forces of Venezuela, married to the moneyed classes unwilling to part with their privileged positions and useful idiots like Jimmy carter whose foundation ‘certified’ a patently fraudulent election. Knave apologists like Kozloff would have the US cower when malign forces find common cause.

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