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November 25, 2008
Violent Thai protests shut down airport


AUDIO: Patrick Winn, a correspondent for GlobalPost, speaks to Martin Savidge from Bangkok.

Tuesday saw more violence in Thailand, where supporters and opponents of Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat’s government battled in the streets of Bangkok. The anti-government protesters also took the dispute to Bangkok’s international airport, where they succeeded in halting departing flights.

The fighting began when government supporters threw rocks at a truck carrying members of the opposition group, the People’s Alliance for Democracy. Opposition members, who consider the pro-Western government corrupt, then fired back with slingshots and guns.


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couldn’t believe my ears & eyes as I watched Patrick Winn’s report above & World Focus on TV tonight & saw the chaos outside the airport in Thailand, amongst Thailand’s people- brother to sister , neighbor to neighbor. I watched the Thai airport worker apologize & try to make an American man in a wheel chair understand that the airline has no control & were not being allowed to fly out of the airport because of the uprising of her fellow Thai brothers & sisters in what they saw as their last effort to fight for their Democracy & define them as a nation. She proceeds to try to tell the passenger that the Thai people are kind, smiling people (with her kind smile in the middle of chaos), & that what was going on outside did not completely define them, in terms of trying to inconvenience him, rioting & preventing him from his freedom to fly. The American passenger looked at her straight in the face & said ” There is a major holiday in America that you are going to cause a lot of people to miss just because you have a little riot outside” ! Wow!

It is appalling regardless of the inconvenience to completely minimize the fight for a nation’s democracy big or small, to having to get to a holiday which a nation has allowed to be basically summed up to having turkey, family fights, Black Friday and the start of a retail/consumerist orgy of capital -let alone worrying about your safety -The Day before Thanksgiving! Even someone in a wheel chair couldn’t have that empathy, sympathy for his fellow human!

This dude is the biggest Turkey- Well worthy of a good Thanksgiving Roasting!! Please find this clip & put it on the air for Americans in our day of Thanks to see why it has been so hard to root out, as Barack Obama said tonight in his statement on the attacks in Mumbai, “The hateful ideology that lead to these attacks” & many of the verbal, ideological & physical attacks on America as a nation.

We are experiencing the first tests to Change & the definition of what it is to have good governance & what will be the new definition of America’s relationship & spread of its ideology of a capitalist based democracy toward each nation! We all have to do our part to be part of the Change we want to see!

No one’s happiness, hardships & freedom are lesser than yours! Let’s let that be the redefinition of the America Way!

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