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November 25, 2008
Brazil emerges as an oil giant

While many Latin American countries have seen their oil production dip, Brazil’s state-controlled Petrobras — the biggest company in Brazil — is working to access the billions of barrels of crude oil that rest beneath the country’s waters over the next few years.

The company’s 48,986-ton P-51 oil platform rests over a hundred miles off the coast of Brazil and is the first semisubmersible platform built entirely in Brazil. It may produce up to 180,000 barrels of oil a day — if the global financial crisis doesn’t necessitate a change in plans.

Worldfocus correspondent Edie Magnus and producers Bryan Myers and Megan Thompson report from Angra dos Reis, south of Rio de Janeiro, on Brazil’s unfolding role as oil giant.

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I see this as a setback. The discovery of new oil fields as the one Petrobras affirm exists off Brazil’s shores, certainly will hamper efforts of turning the energy production business around into a more enviromentally friendly one.


This video is very interesting. It emphasizes that Brazil is actually a newly industrialized country or will soon live up to that identification. Many opportunities will emerge from this discovery. I personally believe the P-51 throws a curve ball to other petroleum giants. Though I think the petroleum industry will eventually formulate a new project similar to the P-51. Reguardless of competition this will help Brazil and thos countries with binding contracts. Brazil’s main concern should be protecting assets.


Oi Mario, Here is an interesting program on a major energy project that Petrobras is engaged in today in Brazil. Brazil’s engergy indusrty and infrastructure as the country countinues to grow will bring more jobs to Brazil. Being multi-lingual, together with your engineering degree is an asset to this growth.

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