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November 24, 2008
Venezuelan elections validate Chávez and opposition


Sara Llana Miller of The Christian Science Monitor was in Caracas for the elections and speaks to Martin Savidge about the Venezuelan reaction.


People wait in line to vote in Sunday’s local elections in Venezuela.

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez claims the results of Sunday’s state and local elections are a validation of his socialist policies, as his supporters held on to governors’ posts in 17 of Venezuela’s 23 states.

However, Chávez’s opponents won in five states and in the two biggest cities, making gains.

Bloggers in Venezuela and around the world weigh in about the elections and the future of Venezuela after “23n” — the tag used to designate election coverage online (based on the date of the Sunday elections).

Hector Palacios at “Rayas y Palabras” posts videos from an online campaign that encouraged Venezuelans to talk about the elections using citizen media.

Twitter users in Venezuela and elsewhere post snippets about “23n,” and Flickr users post “23n” images.

A software developer at the “Venezuela and Europe” blog writes about election technology in Venezuela and incidences of corruption.

Blogger “Daniel” live blogs from Caracas, describing long lines and confusing voting procedures. In the aftermath, he expresses happiness about the opposition’s gains.

A blogger at’s “Devil’s Excrement” blog says the gains are “about the right amount,” hoping that Chávez will be in power and in place to shoulder the blame as the economic crisis hits.

The “Caracas Chronicles” blog writes about significant implications of the elections, including Venezuela’s urban/rural divide, potential changes for the oil industry and new opposition leaders in Caracas. The blogger also posts a final electoral map.

The opposition movement has capitalized on rising inflation and accusations of corruption. Chávez is expected to seek approval to abolish presidential term limits, which would enable a 2012 run.

Photos courtesy of Flickr user LuisCarlos Diaz and M@fe under a Creative Commons license.

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I love World Focus, the telecast and the website. My search for Chávez yielded much good material, especially the videos from online campaigns. We are so used to hearing Mexican Spanish and Puerto Rican Spanish. It was good to hear real Venezuelan Spanish. (My birthplace entitles me to a preference.) Especially good to hear was the 65% turnout for the election, and the genuine enthusiasm for the electoral process.

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